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I Imagine is a full-service advertising agency with locations in Chicago, IL, and Santa Monica, CA. Write, edit and proofread materials, including press releases, monthly newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, case studies, and more.
This position will be a crash-course in PR and social media strategy with opportunities to participate in everything from brainstorming with the team to developing social media campaigns and gathering analytics on your ideas’ effectiveness. Another intern, Chicago Portfolio School student Jeff Polaschek, was assigned a test-riding task at Divvy Bikes.
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Hello, my name is Scott Rodd, and I’m calling to inquire about internship and employment opportunities at [Insert Your Publication Here!]. The interns are sharing their adventures in real-time video via the agency's Periscope account and elsewhere on social media.
Havas says the social-media-based competition to select the 14 interns was so popular, it boosted the agency's Instagram following by 12 percent. The role of social media for nonprofits really focuses on the idea of building a community. Now, in addition to media coverage, Havas is getting the word out via Popular Plays, offering hour-long intern assistance to Chicago Instagrammers with more than 50,000 followers.

Social media is the best way for your message to go viral and to quickly expand your network of supporters. Rahul and I both thought this was an area where you guys as Social Media interns could really help.
Don't assume that all of your readers know what those tiny social networking and social bookmarking icons at the end of most blog entries mean.

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