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Lionbridge has changed a lot since the last time I wrote about them, so I decided to write some updated information since so many of you are looking for non-phone work at home, and search engine evaluation certainly fits the bill for that. Internet Search Administrator – Improve search results by rating keyword and search term combinations.
Speller Web Content Assessor – Help determine the best spelling for queries that are entered by users into search engines.
Ad Assessor – Comparing user search engine queries and advertiser keywords with website landing pages, judging relevancy.
Internet Crowd Worker – Capturing your opinions to ensure the best results possible are achieved and to make a difference to the user experience. Web Content Assessor – Same as other positions above, rating keyword and search term combinations. Internet Assessor – You get the opportunity to express your opinion on the quality and content of the web. You can learn more about each position by visiting Lionbridge’s work from home jobs page. If you are a member at Work Place Like Home, I would suggest reading through the Lionbridge sub-forum they have to get some first-hand information. When I used to work in the Tech Industry as a Consultant to Microsoft, Lionbridge was a major provider for Software Localization and Software Testing.
Lionbridge are another example of an employer that exploits the labour market and the desperation of unemployed people. For the Ads Quality Rater (Web Content Assessor) you can work up to 20 hours a week, with a minimum of 10 and if there is no work, you have no way of working up to the maximum for the week or the month. I love rating, and prefer it over Speller but can’t get Lionbridge or any other company to take me seriously since working for WFL. As mentioned above, Crowdsourcing is very tedious and yes, some of the work on there is similar to what is offered for higher pay, but the idea is that you can choose from much more content.

Sites like Lionbridge, Leapforce and Appen hires non-US residents to work as an independent contractor. Another thing I have noticed from researching other peoples experience working with Lionbridge, a lot of the tasks I do are exactly what ones are doing that were hired on a hourly wage.
Make search more exciting and relevant by sharing your opinion on web sites and social media. More Information — Review this position and apply at the US section of the Lionbridge website. Lionbridge has a lot of different types of opportunities available and they are also open worldwide.
Oddly enough, I keep getting email offers from Lionbridge but after replying never get to take the test. There is a test like Web Content Assessing but the material is different and some may prefer this position since the guidelines are much more cut and dry. It is not exactly the same though as the guidelines are not nearly as extensive as Speller or Web Content Assessor but time consuming enough to warrant higher pay. So I’m basically doing the same work as hourly workers, but at a very drastic pay difference.
Based on the position a worker is hired for, web content can range from search engine results to Internet ads.
I’ve never personally worked for Lionbridge, but I have done this kind of work for Leapforce, a similar company. Also, I wanted to point out that I use a Mac and I’m able to perform the Internet Assesor job.
I applied for the position of Web Assessor but when they wrote me back they referenced that I was being considered for the position of Side by Side Judge. I used to work for LF and they paid monthly, and pay was received by the 20th of the following month.

I wonder if that is the future of Lionbridge, to hire people as Internet Crowd Workers doing the same tasks as former hourly pay employees, but at a deep discount to them.
I know there are a lot of similarities beteewn Lionbridge and Leapforce, but I’m not quite sure what the differences are. Unless something has changed, I’m pretty sure they pay with direct deposit to your bank account.
So the entire process of applying and then actually starting work at Lionbridge could take a couple of weeks. It’s actually one of their more enjoyable activities because it is easy to see how SBS work impacts the user experiences of everyone who has internet access. My email doesn’t say anything about the exam being specific to the social media position, so it might be the same exam as the regular Internet Assessor position.
It is very low pay for a lot of work but if you like variety and have the time to do something on the side while working on something else, it is a good source of extra money. I think my time is more valuable then what I am averaging out per hour with Lionbridge, almost slave labor wages. One may offer early payout, while the other pays at the end of the month after working for two months. Had I known this, I never would have worked for WFL , because I may have been able to stay on a lot longer with Lionbridge which offered bonuses for the type of levels I reached with WFL for a straight salary (sister also worked for Lionbridge). But, since Speller and Assessor are different you can have these two jobs from different companies or anything along that line.

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