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Below are 15 shocking statistics detailing the changes occurring in the recruiting industry and among job candidates.
One of the main reasons social media has been so effective is because it reaches the passive (currently employed) job seeker easier and more effectively than any other method. The Brown Aviation Lease Flight Training blog covers pilot recruitment, program marketing, industry trends, aircraft financing, aviation innovation, and much more.
There is a lot of opportunity within social media, and anyone who doesn't take advantage will loss out.

As the internet continues to dominate new areas of our lives, you may have wondered about the role social media and student recruitment can have on your business. This is important for recruiters to realise when using LinkedIn or other forms of social media, because constant job posts with no other content is going to do nothing but put off three quarters of your audience.
By combining social media with student recruitment, you can generate qualified leads much cheaper and more efficiently than through the recruiting methods of yesteryear.
But with the power of social media, that can be taken in-house and save companies $$$Millions!!!

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