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Social media has been in existence for more than half a decade now and the growth has been phenomenal to say the least. Global Web India has released data on social web involvement for major countries in the world.
As the above document shows millions of people are engaged in social media interactions all over the world.

While US and China are the biggest market the next level of growth is expected out of India. Ninety-one percent of the online population in China has an account on a social media site (compared to 67% in the USA).
As the country is poised for a 3G launch and with 500+ mobile phone penetration across the billion plus people populated country its only a matter of time that the adoption of internet and social media comes via mobile and other devices as well.

Socialtrakr will track social media news and trends and shall bring you best of social media jumbo mumbo is the simplest language to read and understand.

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