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In addition to competitors and customers, look at the social media activity of industry influencers. The experts in your field are likely to have established audiences, which should help you make smart choices—and provide good examples of how to interact on various media. The rules vary widely across social media profiles—from Twitter, where you’ll have only 160 characters to work with, to LinkedIn, where you can write a lengthy bio and post any kind of media you choose. Too many social media users are inappropriately creative when it comes to their profile picture. Your path to engaging on social media begins by following others whose updates will appear in your feed when you sign on. Twitter and other social media networks offer suggestions on who to follow based on your profile. The best thing you can do to build relationships via social media is share content you discover and enjoy. The heartbeat of social media is conversation, so while sharing and endorsing can be thoughtful and smart, commentary is better still. I’ve found that whenever I do this for a while I always get a few connection requests coming in soon afterwards. I think too often businesses forget that social media is supposed to be just that – social. Fentastic post here, thanks Barry for sharing this blog with us, now a days its very important to identify this importance of each and every social media. You’re right John, the easiest way to fail in social media marketing is to sell, instead engage, share valuable content and set yourself as an authority in your niche. And then again, there are plenty of organizations out there who ARE embracing social media.
How to turn Twitter and RSS feeds into a powerful news aggregator of content that is relevant and interesting.

Three indispensable apps that make learning, curating, and sharing on social media efficient AND enjoyable. How to let self exploration and curiosity, and not a set in stone policy, guide your team’s behavior as they embrace social media. Why a weekly (or monthly) Twitter or Yammer chat might be the single best way to get your team used to learning and sharing on social media.
How to get past roadblocks that prevent you from implementing social media into your learning. A few of the eLearning and mLearning (mobile learning) thought leaders WE rely on for our personal learning that you can start following right away for great content. In short, it will be an hour PACKED with tips and tricks showing you how social media and learning development go hand in hand. There’s no need to dive head first into a long list of social networks, or even the top four, right out of the gate. You can get by with just completing the required fields, but you’ll be sabotaging your success if you do.
However, most social networks have followed Facebook’s lead by offering a space to upload an additional image that acts as a page header (sometime called a cover photo).
I don’t wholeheartedly agree, but I do suggest making thoughtful sharing a regular and large part of your social media activity. When you get rolling and your network grows into the hundreds or thousands, you won’t have the time to comment on every update you see. I think you’ve hit the fundamentals of a great social media marketing plan for any business!
A social media newbie who takes your advice would be well on their way to social media marketing success. While our organization has been online and active with social for a few years, my role in the company has brought a renewed emphasis and commitment to using social media tools, both for our external communications and our company learning.

We’ll teach you what key decision makers need to hear before they will sign off on social media as a viable strategy. In a physical social situation, you wouldn’t introduce yourself by whipping out a picture of your dog. There’s no formula for how long or how much listening you should do, but you do indeed learn a lot by watching from the sidelines for a bit.
However, the best content you come across will provoke thoughts, just like any conversation. However, outside of the sponsored opportunities some social media networks offer, your fans and followers won’t tolerate relentless sales messages.
Last Wednesday I got a brand new BMW since getting a check for $6474 this – 4 weeks past. Having coached and mentored team members who previously did not use social media for work, I bring a unique perspective on integrating social media into organizational learning that is immediately applicable to a variety of situations. Get started with the one or two networks where you’ve determined competitors and the market at large are connecting. More and more workers young and old are finding their niche on a social network and using it to further their personal and professional goals. Employees need to find real value in the time they spend on social media if they are going to start using it productively at work. While some are stuck behind social media firewalls at work, personal smart phones and tablets mean that most can find a way online no matter what the company mandates. Again, at its best, social media is a conversation and when you put something into it, you get something out of it.

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