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Charles Ubaghs is Head of Social Media at Global Radio where he looks after social media accounts and strategies for Capital FM, Classic FM, Heart, LBC, XFM, Smooth FM, and Gold. Meanwhile at my copywriting job, the company had started using social media to promote their products.
Charles tells us how he got started in the industry and shares his top tips for using social media to promote your music.
The digital marketing team was struggling to write in a tone that worked on social media – they were good at traditional marketing but asking them to write in a more casual, conversational manner was not something they were used to.

One day while at the retail job, Sean Adams, the founder of DrownedinSound, retweeted a tweet from someone saying that Global Radio were looking for a community editor to help manage Global’s social media. By regularly putting out music on there, you’re improving the chances of someone finding your work and sharing it on their own social networks – don’t forget that both players embed nicely in facebook, twitter, and tumblr, which increases the opportunity for your music to spread. I was able to convince them it would be more effective if their copywriters took over the actual managing of their social accounts as we were writing specialists and could stay on brand while writing in a way that suited social media (I’m probably showing my age here but I’ve been using blogs and social networks since 2001, so had some understanding of how people communicated online).
I’ve since worked my way up from Community Editor to Social Media Editor and now Head of Social Media.

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