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As the reach of social media is increasing day by day, everyone including the recruiters have started to use it for different purposes. To get an idea of how companies are using Twitter for recruitment, Software Advice conducted a survey on job seekers regarding their Twitter habits. 58 percent of the surveyed job seekers had used Twitter for the job seeking purposes in the last six month while 42% didn’t. The recruiting specific Twitter handles of Fortune 500 companies were mainly used to tweet about the job openings.
Almost 38% of the tweets from recruiting specific Twitter handles of Fortune 500 companies were about the job openings. A majority of the tweets(78%) from Fortune 500 companies included hashtags, making it more common than hyperlinks, images and videos. Given that the reach of social media has increased many folds, companies need to rethink of their hiring strategy.

In the era of connectivity, it has become very important for both the job seeker and employer to use the online platforms effectively to reach the right junction. Twitter has grown as a platform for the companies to reach the right people for hiring purpose.
The recruiting specific Twitter handles of Fortune 500 companies were also looked into for the survey purpose. Majority of the respondents (76%) looked at the company profiles for job information while 55% followed the companies they were willing to work for. They further added that the companies were even “ineffective” at frequently posting job openings.
Out of the 500 surveyed Fortune companies, 174(35 percent)had an active company-level Twitter account dedicated to recruiting. The need of the hour is an efficient use of social media to get the best employees on board.

But the Twitter handles were used for other purposes as well such as to highlight specific employees(19 percent) and to share information about company events(17 percent).
Twitter has turned out to be one of the best platforms for the companies to interact with the job seekers.
The number of adults on Twitter has grown by 28 percent from 2013 to 2014, thus the companies are getting more potential job seekers than ever before.

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