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Excellent overview: Singh presents an excellent overview of influencer theory, key social media trends and integrating social media marketing (or social influencer marketing, as Singh repeatedly calls it) into the marketing funnel. Strong on integration: One of my sticking points in general is the integration of traditional and new media tactics.
Occasionally weak case studies: People familiar with the social media scene may be puzzled by some of the choices for case studies. Weak on public relations: While Singh does tip his hat to the public relations profession (with some complimentary words), the section on PR is brief, with no discussion of the potential for PR to play a leading role when it comes to social media. Getting social with your marketing – big-picture basics including fundamentals in influence marketing, the marketing funnel and social media principles.
The book will provide all the assistance necessary to start a Facebook & Twitter account, and delves into some of the more advanced functions of the social networks. Collier is a long respected ecommerce and social media author, who’s been writing these type of books since 1998. Written in plain language and well structured, it’s a book you can speed through from start to finish, or consume in easy-to-digest sections depending on your need.

The much maligned Skittles website, for example, is cited as a good example of a brand engaging in social media, while other examples are declared successes with little supporting rationale. Creative Commons License may not apply to images used within posts and pages on this website -- see links and attribution associated with each image for licensing. Many of the seniors are already using social networking, for those who aren’t, Marsha Collier is here to help. In the video below, she explains why she set out to write this book and what she hopes it does for readers. His points around integrating social media into the corporate website ring especially true to me. One note, however: while the book does cover social media marketing from several perspectives, it is primarily written from an advertising perspective. I took way more away from reading the book than I expected – especially when it came to marketing-focused online tools. This all-in-one guide by an expert on social media strategy helps you take full advantage of them in creative new ways.

I would recommend Social Media Marketing For Dummies to any marketers who are new to the space and looking for practical tips rather than the theoretical overview provided by most other books.
Lena West is a consultant who helps her clients develop a social media strategy uniquely designed for their businesses. So for me that have read so many others on the subject I could do a fast reading strategy on this book. Customers of every business are already communicating on social media sites; an effective marketing strategy today must include these venues. This guide offers professional advice on developing and managing a social media strategy that uses all the hottest tools.

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