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There was a time when authors could focus solely on honing their craft…obsessing over each word choice, laboring to perfect the cadence of every sentence, endeavoring to transform thoughts, dreams, ideas into written words worthy of publication. We already know how to operate on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, and more, and as new media outlets crop up, we’re the first to jump in and see what they are all about. Here are some ways to leverage three of the top social media outlets you already use (or should be using!) to market your books so you can get back to what matters most…writing! Create an author board like this one and pin anything you write, whether it’s a magazine article, a blog post, or a book, with a brief description. Host giveaways, being careful to follow Facebook’s rules, and offer your followers freebies such as signed copies of your book or signed book-plates for your books they’ve already purchased. Make sure to use less than the maximum 140 characters in your tweet to leave room for retweets.
Because I’ve been working with authors since I launched my business in 1990, I knew that marketing Celebritize Yourself would require the same dedication that writing it took. Launch and maintain more than one social media network – preferably at least three, if possible. LinkedIn, for professionals, is a good place to find and meet people within and outside your industry.
The beauty of digital and social media marketing is that you can do it yourself if necessary.
Subscribe To Marsha's PR Insider!Join our mailing list to receive the weekly PR Insider and you'll receive our ebooks, The Power or Publicity for Your Business and The Power of Publicity for Your Book, instantly! And for the communications to successfully engage, they all need to be about them, them, them, not you, you, you. But these serendipitous ‘breaks’ will never happen if your social media content is merely a stream of advertisements. The bottom line is that a change of psychology is needed when using Twitter, or any social media.

I’m just very passionate about social media, and about participating in social media for the right reasons.
Always a pleasure to read your posts and this time you are saying exactly what I’ve been trying to preach for a long time.
In other words, create boards that show your interests other than writing such as cooking or reading or crafting or hiking or traveling so other pinners will get to know you as more than just an author and also to provide a way to interact. For example, my Facebook page reflects my focus on parenting, and the pages I’ve ‘liked’ share similar parenting philosophies to the ones I write about. A ‘me first’ mentality won’t get you far on social media, hence the word ‘social’ in the term. It was filed under books, communication, pinterest and was tagged with authors, book promotion, book tour, facebook, hashtags, Pinterest, social media, twitter, writing.
From making connections among certain interest groups to targeting key demographics with low-cost social media ads, you can create a very precise strategy.
Our new package focuses on providing only the help authors really need, so they don’t pay for extras that they can easily handle themselves, such as blogging. While it’s true that numbers alone can be somewhat meaningless, this was still a significant social media milestone for me. For example, if you genuinely get to know several book bloggers over time, they may well offer to review your books.
I think I’m on track, but I agree that nothing makes me more nuts than following someone and finding that all they do is post sales pitches for their book. Following just for the sake of following seems like a wrong way to go about establishing longlasting connections on Twitter. Unfortunately most authors have neither the patience to do this and build a proper career, or simply do not believe that such an relationship as you describe is needed. I’ve been on Twitter for 5 years doing that, and only picked the real folks to follow or follow back.

Those who fail seem to be closer to going to the mall, standing atop their table in the food court and loudly announcing what they’re having for lunch.
Times are hard for publishers struggling to keep up with the ever-changing electronic age, and marketing budgets are reserved for those who don’t need them…the already famous, the noteworthy, the known.
So be social, be nice, be helpful, do for others all the things you’d like others to do for you. That makes it very affordable while still delivering custom campaigns created and maintained by our brilliant team of social media strategists.
Most of the time I make posts directing to my blog, or a teaser for a WIP or sharing stuff from my network connections. It feels as if everyone is yelling for me to buy from them or support them or do something for them, and I soon become resentful.
I’ve met many authors on Twitter, and connected with them in the real world as a result. I’m a third of the way through the third in the series and have storyboards for the fourth and fifth books. Our social media savvy team of experts can help position you in front of your consumer in just the right light at the right time. But Twitter is supposed to be social interaction – funny snippets or useful comments or moans, pleasure about day to day things.
What is really awful is that I mostly follow other authors, so my feed is just a minefield of self-promotion.

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