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You also need to post inviting content on your social channels that builds excitement, anticipation, and engagement about the event. If your event includes a discussion or speaker, you can solicit questions from your audience ahead of the event using a tool like Google Moderator.
Be sure to have physical signage at the event that encourages people to tweet with the event hashtag. You can also use storify to curate tweets, photos, videos, resources, and links during the event. I haven’t personally used social for an event, but we work with a wide variety of nonprofits that have done so. I particularly like the focus on using the content from the event itself to inform the post-event coverage.
And it also a great way to do post event engagement with the idea that you’d bring those new folks into other programs and activities sponsored by your organization. Social Event Marketing Top Ten contains actionable tips for making your event buzz using social media. Presented by Melonie Gallegos on October 25, 2012 to professional corporate planners at an event hosted by The Performance Group. Social event marketing is growing + Social Marketed Traditional Event Event 40% use social media for event marketing. But first, a little background about what made the 2015 Social Media Marketing World so successful. Effective event marketing can help you sell more tickets to event attendees, generate buzz and ensure that the people who come to your event are just the kind of attendees you want to show up.
The event marketing experts at Social Media Marketing World decided the most effective way to spread the word about their event was through multi-channel marketing.
As Reynolds says, Social Media Marketing World didn’t just use one channel to reach attendees, pictured below is an add the event marketing team embedded in blog posts on the Social Media Examiner website. The ad makes use of a combination of compelling copy and eye-catching visuals to sell the event. I asked Reynolds what she would recommend other event organizers do when doing their own event marketing. Social Media Marketing World turned their Facebook events page into a hub of pre-event activity. As with other parts of their advertising strategy, Social Media Marketing World also created a LinkedIn community and used Bizzabo to build a thriving networking community - all before the event took place. For example, I became so excited about going to Social Media Marketing World, after interacting with fellow attendees on LinkedIn, Facebook and Bizzabo, that I Tweeted about it prior to attending the actual event. The event marketers at Social Media Marketing World used Facebook, LinkedIn and Bizzabo to create a community of brand evangelists who then organically shared their excitement about attending the event on their personal social media profiles.

Social Media Marketing World understood that not all of those who might want to travel to San Diego to attend their event would be able to. Just days before event day, after it was too late to register for the event, Social Media Marketing World, started advertising their virtual pass across their various event marketing channels. There are a number of different strategies you can implement to become a better event marketer, that have been profiled in this article. Social Media Marketing World did a fantastic job generating buzz around their event, and as a result were able to see record-breaking attendance figures. You’ll notice that an ad on the Social Media Examiner website wasn’t just re-sized and posted on their Twitter account, and Google+ page.
Social Media Marketing World used pre-event communities to bring where event attendees together. The event marketers at Social Media Marketing World realized that not everyone would be able to travel to San Diego to attend their event. By implementing these tips into your event marketing plan, we’re sure that you’ll see an increase in online buzz and more importantly - in ticket sales. 10 + bonus tips for growth hacking (yeah, yeah, just marketing) for event marketers, although useful for others, too. I thought I’d leave a comment and blog post I wrote about how our company Tint helps brands aggregate and display any social media feeds onto big projected displays at events.
The event, Social Media Marketing World, is designed to bring the country’s top social media experts together to share best practices, and to network with one another. Here, we’ll share with you how to use the same principles that made Social Media Marketing World so successful for your own events.
This year’s Social Media Marketing World was an unqualified hit, over 2,000 people attended from across the globe. We had an opportunity to talk to Kimberly Reynolds, Marketing Manager at Social Media Examiner to get her thoughts on how to properly do event marketing. Not that it says “largest social media marketing conference,” this is a social selling technique designed to encourage someone viewing the add to want to attend the event that many of their peers will be going to. On the Facebook page, attendees connected with other attendees to set up in-person meetings at the event, they asked questions to the Social Media Marketing World staff, and some even planned their event agenda by talking about what sessions would be best right on the Facebook event page. This not only provided attendees with the ability to network with fellow attendees before the event, but it also helped to create a lot of pre-event buzz. People following me, who were previously unaware of Social Media Marketing World, might have actually signed up to go themselves after reading my Tweet.
Check out the Facebook post below, it highlights the benefits of purchasing the virtual ticket just days before the actual event.

Attendees shared their excitement about attending the event, which helped to turn some into event advocates. So rather than ignore this wide audience of people, they created a virtual event pass that provided those otherwise unable to attend the event, awesome access to world-class speakers via recorded videos. Nearly 120 speakers, like Michael Stelzner, Jay Baer and Guy Kawasaki, gave lectures to rooms packed full of social media marketers.
The key to their marketing strategy is that they were able to use each channel effectively. Furthermore, Reynolds highlights a networking event taking place during Social Media Marketing World to appeal to potential attendees interested in making new connections. This is a very effective form of event marketing, as those who would likely purchase a virtual ticket may have seen some of the posts from Social Media Marketing World evangelists who were excitedly talking about the event just before it started.
Using social media monitoring tools or just your common sense, you can find what social media networks your attendees communicate on. Similarly, Social Media Marketing World often posted video content on their Google+ page because users on that platform we used to regularly engaging with video content. This helped Social Media Marketing World to sell to reach a broader audience and thus, to sell more tickets. Keep in mind the Social Media Marketing World is an event based on marketing best practices, so they certainly know a thing or two about, well, marketing a world class event to potential attendees.
We produce 40 in person events a year, hold countless regional committee meetings, and run major digital campaigns to solicit smaller gifts several times a year. Attendees were so enthusiastic about the event that they generated nearly 40,000 Tweets, and over 2,000 LinkedIn connections were made. Social Media Marketing World capitalized on the buzz generated by attendees by marketing to potential attendees on the appropriate social media channels.
The Twitter image pictured below features an event speaker who many people following Social Media Examiner will be familiar with, for example. In the case of Social Media Marketing World, those channels includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ the Social Media Examiner Website and email. I’ve been trying to make the case that the professional photographers we hire to shoot at our bigger events need to turn around photographs more quickly.

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