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If there is a consensus that the company has the required skills to proceed then you can look at ways to leverage your Strengths to drive this Social Marketing campaign.
Your choice of social media sites depends on your current customers, the resources identified in your SWOT analysis and the location of your targeted demographic. Welcome to the Pittsburgh Employee Rights Blog, a forum where we will discuss topics of interest to employees in and around Pittsburgh.
The last decade is littered with instances of people getting fired because of inappropriate content posted to their social networks.
As an employment attorney, it is my hope to provide a useful source of information on employment-related issues, as well as provide a means to interact with you, the reader.

In an age where social media has connected us closer to family and friends than ever before, it’s easy to forget that sites like Facebook and Twitter are still part of the internet. While Social Media is the focus of this series of posts, this analysis tool can be used for any number of business projects. One example that many here in Pittsburgh should remember happened back in 2010, when the Pirates fired one of their pierogi mascots because he posted disparaging comments about the team to his Facebook account. If extra training is required a third party Social Media Consultant may be an option for you. We always recommend starting with a few Social Media channels until you have developed a sufficient proficiency with them and then add channels as you move on or see opportunities.

Just remember your consistency and commitment to your Social Media Campaigns will ultimately determine their success. But before you update that next status, or tweet that picture, stop and think, because inappropriate use of social media can get you fired.

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