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Social media usage amongst prospective students is huge and should be a key communication channel for all universities. Source Mashable.Of social media users, 93% of teenagers and 87% of adults have an account on Facebook. Source Pew Research.Delving further into the use of social media by teenagers, research shows that older teenagers in the 14-17 age range (who are a key demographic for higher education) use social media more heavily than younger teenagers in the 12-13 age range, in all activity areas except playing games.

The communities already exist on social networks and your prospects will already be a part of them and can influence them.ConclusionIt is vital that universities maximise their use of social media in a planned way and leverage the best prospect, current and past student networks for extended reach.
Find those that comment favourably and convert them to advocates.Gaining advocates using social mediaSocial media is best used to build relationships. By bringing social media on to your website with Facebook connect or open graph you can facilitate interaction on your site where all your marketing messages are placed.

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