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As a young teacher, there is nothing that you want to leave up to chance when it comes to your private information. Social media is a small opening that can offer a large gaze into your life (depending on how you use it). As you navigate through those months, you will find your blend of things that work for you. Using Instagram in an Educational Context: The EmergingEdTech blog is a wonderful source for tips, strategies, and ideas for using social media and other new technologies in the classroom. Fantastic Digital Tools with Alex Vlachakis Sandy Creek High School CTAE Teacher and Fayette County Teacher of the Year 2015. Keynote address by Daisy Dyer Duerr, NASSP Digital Principal of the Year She’s from rural Arkansas…with a heart for the educational advancement of 21st century students!
One of my goals for the conference was to find out more about Google Apps and how they can be used in the classroom.
So I just left a great BYOD session with Harbins Elementary teachers at #ISTE2014 and had to sit and digest the information before heading to the next session. I hope this post will be a handy reference guide, especially for those teachers new to social media technologies and how to integrate them into the classroom.

Anyone aware of other good resources to provide teachers an entry point to social media, please let me know! Another Web 3.0 Platform for Teachers with easy on-demand access to free third-party applications and large content repository of teacher-developed and teacher-rated teaching resources.
This is a good bog for students they can easily access to the required destination through this blog. You’ll find everything you need to know about using Twitter in the classroom, including a list of useful education hashtags, search strategies, and ideas for the classroom. Three main subject areas are covered, including digital citizenship, mobile safety, and guidelines for social media at school.
This guide is a great primer for understanding what Instagram is and how it can be used to teach and reach students.
Here, you’ll find everything you need to get started, including tips for building boards, pinning basics, and ideas for using Pinterest in the classroom. You also need to maintain a strong sense of professionalism and a healthy dose of ambiguity about yourself simply for classroom management and authoritative purposes. The general consensus is that teachers should not communicate with students over social networking cites, whether that is by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

I intend for this to be a wikipost (I will update resources as they are shared with me by others), so feel free to bookmark the page and check in periodically for new material. The community is sponsored by Elluminate and Steve Hargadon is one of the organizers for the community.
These days however, it is inevitable that almost everyone over the age of twelve has some form of social media. Right now, your zone and where you draw the line might be uncertain, but one thing is for sure.
You will establish these boundaries through some of the experiences and mistakes that you make as a young and new teacher. Somehow one of students found my Facebook profile, even though I thought my privacy settings were as secure as Fort Knox.

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