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If you want traffic without relying on Google, you have to completely rethink your marketing strategy.
Now based on what we’ve seen above, it is safe to say that social media can drive a tremendous amount of traffic to any website. Which is to say, you have to start creating content that puts readers first, search engines second. Once you’ve figured out what kind of content to create, it’s time to tackle the next big problem: distribution. The best written social content won’t get you any traffic unless you get distribution right. Master one social platform: One of the biggest mistakes you can make with distribution is to try and win on every social platform. Adopt an influencer outreach strategy: Getting your content shared by an influencer can be a massive traffic boost. With Google’s release of its latest algorithm Penguin, increased weight has been given to natural link building and Social performance. As the number of Social Media platforms grows, companies are often confused and unsure of the correct way to market using these channels. Social media marketing revolves around the concept of getting viewers’ attention, engaging them and leveraging their unique networks through shares and likes. LinkedIn is a great social media platform for connecting with potential clients, as well as for nurturing existing business relationships. We understand that as marketing a small business in Cleveland, OH it is difficult to get visibility and grow your customer base. Creating strong, consistent, craveable and relatable visuals has become a must do in the content marketing world and the push for visual content is only becoming stronger.
A Pew research study found that 54% of all internet users have posted original visual content that they personally created.
Standing out with visual content is critical, and watching what works for others in your industry can help you create content that drives branding clicks and conversions with your own audience.
First, let’s better understand the characteristics of content that resonates well with your audience and prospects. It should be native – in other words, while social media platforms may have some overlap in terms of functions, the audiences and their values can be quite different.
Be consistent and self-aware – Every piece of content on social media platforms forms part of your brand identity, and you want your identity to be consistent. Keeping this in mind, let us look at 10 unusual ways in which visual marketing can drive branding, clicks and conversions. Share visual content across different social media platforms in formats that are native to the platform.
By regularly sharing across social media platforms, you can convert followers on one platform into followers on another platform, as well being at the top of the mind amongst your audience.
Post the same content in formats that are suitable to the audience and in line with the characteristics of each platform.
According to a survey by Software Advice, a social CRM research firm on social media content optimization, the top 2 ways most marketers optimize their content is by using photos or images and including hashtags and usernames.
Using the same cover image across social media platforms reinforces branding and makes it easier for people to feel connected with you and your business.

A challenge for most businesses is the ability to manage the different pieces of content and visuals. Content marketing requires understanding our audiences and giving them what they want in comprehensive yet easily digestible ways. The editorial calendar makes your plan tangible to all those involved and helps build the accountability and discipline required for sticking to producing content consistently. A simple yet effective solution is to create and use a content calendar to schedule and manage the different content items. Build an engaged audience with content that your readers find highly contagious and by being responsive to comments, tweets and emails like Frito-Lay’s does on their Facebook posts. Be timely – get video content that is related to a current event, and share it sooner rather than later to tap into current interest. You have probably been told to produce awesome content, which implies that audience engagement rests solely on your ability to write well.
Consider repurposing old content like webinars, articles or SlideShares into an animated GIF like this one. As you plan your visual marketing strategy for this year, you might want to look over your old marketing tactics and make them hip and fresh and in line with your plans for this year. Let me know what content tactics you will be employing this year, and what challenges you face, in the comments below. For non-brands to stand out online – they need to invest heavily in content that is at the top 1% of content released that day.
If you believe the marketing mill, there is no way to succeed online without spending thousands of dollars on SEO to game search engines.
For example, Upworthy, a news curation website, grew to a massive 88M visitors every month within a year, making it the fastest growing media company of all time.
The 37th most popular website in the US gets over 75% of its 150M+ visitors through social media. It is also safe to say that social-first content is very different from SEO and Content Marketing.
Top performing websites know this, which is why they spend more than half their time distributing as they do in creating the content.
Where it can take months to rank for a target keyword in search engines, you can often get thousands of shares in weeks on social media. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing, and we’re dedicated to delivering targeted traffic that converts prospects to paying customers.
With this drastic change, companies can no longer ignore Social Media Marketing and must now consider it a top priority and an integral part of their online presence. With regards to social media marketing, blog posts can help a company populate it’s social media accounts with valuable content. One way to achieve this is to provide exclusive content, products or specials on your Facebook page.
If so, using visual marketing will play a key role in your overall content marketing success.
Everyone consumes culture via technology, whether it be music, videos, GIFs or other media through portable mobile devices. While you may have call to actions on your website and blog posts, consider adding them to social media posts like Facebook like in the example shown below.

According to an eMarketer report, photos accounted for 75% of content posted on Facebook with an 87% engagement rate, while other post types received no more than 4% engagement. Cover images on your social media platforms can drive action and sales so it is well worth your time and efforts to spruce them up if you haven’t done so in a while. Use what works for you and your work flow, whether it be a spreadsheet, Google calendar, Trello, Viraltag or even a content calendar plugin like CoSchedule. As a result, you get more credibility and extended reach from the authentic content that your loyal fans and followers share.
It also provides a perspective of your fans’ experiences and interactions with your brand, giving you more insights into your fan demographic and their interests for future marketing efforts.
For example, the Old Spice Man played by Isiah Mustafa answered fan questions on social media via short YouTube videos.
It managed to achieve this astronomical growth by focusing relentlessly on social media, especially Facebook. Buffer, a company that sells social media tools, gets up to 12,000 shares for some of its blog posts. So instead of writing walls of text, consider adding a few images and GIFs to make your content more social friendly. If you’re tired of playing by search engines’ rules, it’s time to adopt a social-first strategy and follow the content marketing tips above for big wins online.
To truly maximize social media marketing, you should encourage users to share your content on their social network profiles and make it easy for them to do so.
However, many companies wait until it is too late to realize that they are missing out on the true value of social media marketing, while their competitors are taking advantage of this opportunity to engage and capture new clients. Because it plays a significant role in attracting people to your content and accelerates sharing. The differences in each make a difference to the audience and, in turn, can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts. It requires us to make sure we are making the most of our content marketing efforts and staying connected to our audience. The longer people are on your social media account watching a video, the more likely they are to follow a link and check out what you have to offer. Use your smartphone to capture the best tips from a speaker before or after their presentation.
By using shorter sentences, bullet points, images, and larger fonts, you can make your content more readable, and thus, more shareable. In our experience, infographics are among the most shared content types, making them an extremely valuable part of social media marketing. If you are unable to dedicate internal resources to implementing a social media strategy, consider contacting a local Social Media expert for help and start growing your business today!

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