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October 29, 2014 by Josh Fraser 10 Comments Social media tactics are only as good as the marketing results they produce. About Latest Posts Josh FraserMarketing Specialist at N-PlayJosh Fraser is chief writer and editor for Social Agent Today. Subscribe To Our NewsletterWe update the content daily with current social media tips, marketing trends, and Real Estate related articles so don't waste anymore time and get social, today. Average Social Media Content Creator Community Manager salaries for job postings in Miami, FL are 5% lower than average Social Media Content Creator Community Manager salaries for job postings nationwide.

So you better start learning how to create valuable content that will attract new fans, as well as keep your existing fans involved with your brand.
If you want to grow your business, then get good at creating content, or hire someone to do it, for one or two social networks which most resonate with your target audience. It asserts that most people (90%) will consume content, while very few will interact (9%) or create it (1%). You’ll get real business leads (your primary goal), and build a social media following (a secondary goal), all with one investment of your time and money.

People in these warm and fuzzy industries are extremely active in creating content, and will leave more comments than the rest of the world.
Don’t worry if your social content doesn’t have the number of comments seen in other industries; just be sure to gauge that engagement is growing in other ways.

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