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If you are a social media lover and addict, then you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to work as a social media consultant, because this is definitely your dream job. KhojIndya can be considered as a blogging platform, where off the shelf topics are discussed about Online Money Making jobs, which can be done through a CPU, Monitor & Off course an Internet Connection.
If social media consultants are doing their jobs, they should put themselves out of business. Your company will never be truly social if you silo social activity within a consultant or a staff manager. 2 "Here's the ROI." Consultants may tell you that social investments can't be justified in a quantifiable way. Follow Fast Company's roadmap to social media: surefire rules, data, and expert wisdom guaranteed to show why this market is completely unpredictable.

The tasks of a social media consultant in broad categories, is posting or tweeting about the company, staying in touch with clients and attracting new customers. Social media consultants needs to post different photos regarding the company and update the fans on the page about the company’s services and projects. To facilitate proliferation, your consultant should learn how your company works, then create a strategy to spread social throughout your organization.
She should also identify the best social measurement, management, and listening tools for your company's needs, so you can look up those data yourself after she's gone. The exception is the company who just doesn't want to deal with social media at all but wants to have a social presence.
Before joining Fast Company last spring, I was the social media editor at the New York Daily News.

So yes, I definitely agree when you say sm consultants would put themselves out of business if they did their jobs right but I would say it is the business owners that keep this occupation a thriving one. We have concern for their well-being and for the good of society, as we encourage them along the path to The TRUTH.

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