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But American Apparel isn't the only company taking criticism for capitalizing on Sandy in name of capitalism.
For people who paid several thousand dollars extra for a clean-diesel car, the company's $1,000 offering may feel meager. This is a guest blog post by Stacey Waxman, a marketing student interested in blogging about all social media related topics. The mark of a great businessperson is that he or she learns from failure – not just personal failure, but the failure of others, as well.
And not just for personal communication; today, social media plays a role in the way businesses communicate with consumers.
And in 2013, the corporate world has lived through quite a few harsh lessons on the social web.

Unfortunately, when the execution began, senior management wasn’t aware that many of the employees they were displacing also had access to the company Twitter account. And as expected, social media had a field day with all 2013 has brought forth, both good and bad. A good rule for Twitter is to respond to consumer complaints as quickly as you can, but maybe the Kmart social media team was in such a hurry that they forgot how to speak proper English. Whatever the case may be, we’re sure the head of Nokia’s social media account was not too happy when this tweet. More than 80 percent of web crimes stem from social media, and many of them could be prevented just by using a less predictable password. Social media revolves around an axis of quick-hit entertainment and short-lived trends, but that’s not an excuse to be obnoxious.

Straight down the line, it seems like most industries suffered the wrath of a damning social media screwup this year.
According to Chipotle representative Chris Arnold, the stunt pulled in more than 4,000 followers the day of the faux-hack, compared to its usual rate of 250 new followers per day. Finally, they kinda sorta retracted their statements by claiming their social media accounts had been hacked (no, they hadn’t.) For your viewing pleasure, you can view the whole Kitchen Nightmares episode here and check out the Facebook debacle here.

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