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My regular readers know that I’ve been providing salaries for community managers since last fall.
In a survey carried out in February we asked a series of these no-holds-barred questions to our digital communities to get to know them a little bit better. Managing social media effectively is crucial to a brand’s success so in this last post, we wanted to see what social media marketers had to say about their work culture, success drivers, rewards and overall job satisfaction! Managing social media for an organization is a complex role – often requiring an adept understanding of psychology, evangelism, storytelling, and of course, firefighting.
As the digital landscape matures and changes, it can be difficult for employers to gauge if they’re paying their current community, social or digital manager enough to stay with their organization or offering enough to ensure that they’re attracting the most qualified candidates in the first place. We did some digging into the figures and found that the going rate for community managers in the USA is listed on Glassdoor as ranging from a low of $29,000, to a high of $105,000 with the national average being about $47,000.
Interestingly, those most unhappy came from a range of experience levels, but described themselves on average as being a “jack of all trades” (53%) or “digital something” (25%.) Furthermore, 80% of those that are were unhappy with their salaries also seemed not to have any budget for social media, with a further 56% mentioning that they probably will not get any budget in the short-term. Like the “jacks of all trades” – 50% of marketers still mentioned having no budget for social. For example, a Community Manager’s performance can be measured somewhat subjectively, in terms of the value it adds to your social media communities, whereas a Social Media Manager’s performance is often analyzed with hard data and numbers that result from campaigns.
This is followed in importance by video marketing – reflecting the value of video as an engaging marketing medium and contests also seem to be considered relatively important as a mechanism for generating engagement. As Marketing Manager, Robyn is responsible for Talkwalker's marketing strategy and digital footprint. The table below looks at the statistics for Social Media Marketing skills in IT jobs advertised across the UK. Social Media MarketingJobs Demand TrendThis chart provides the 3-month moving total of permanent IT jobs citing Social Media Marketing within the UK as a proportion of the total demand within the Processes & Methodologies category.

Social Media MarketingSalary TrendThis chart provides the 3-month moving average for salaries quoted in permanent IT jobs citing Social Media Marketing within the UK.
Social Media MarketingSalary HistogramThis chart provides a salary histogram for IT jobs citing Social Media Marketing over the 3 months to 10 November 2015 within the UK.
Social Media MarketingTop 23 Job LocationsThe table below looks at the demand and provides a guide to the average salaries quoted in IT jobs citing Social Media Marketing within the UK over the 3 months to 10 November 2015.
Social Media MarketingTop 30 Related IT SkillsFor the 6 months to 10 November 2015, IT jobs within the UK citing Social Media Marketing also mentioned the following IT skills in order of popularity. Social Media MarketingTop Related IT Skills by CategoryFor the 6 months to 10 November 2015, IT jobs within the UK citing Social Media Marketing also mentioned the following IT skills grouped by category.
It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to hire one person to act as both social media manager and community manager. Many of us have discussed the idea that women make better community managers (but that’s another blog post). In the videogame industry, I don’t think community managers are paid anywhere near any of those numbers. We covered everything from their work, their salary, their budgets, their KPIs, their challenges and we got some very interesting results. Across the board, only 1 in 10 marketing professionals mentioned being unhappy with their salary. However, 1 in 4 marketers said that around 25% of their budget goes to social media and the remaining participants had social media budget, but less than 25%. A social media manager also requires a tremendous amount of strategy in order to visibly prove a positive ROI. Included is a guide to the average salaries offered in IT jobs that have cited Social Media Marketing over the 3 months to 10 November 2015 with a comparison to the same period in the previous 2 years.

The figures indicate the number of jobs and their proportion against the total number of IT job ads sampled that cited Social Media Marketing.
It’s an era where social business success favours the nimble and experimental social media marketer. For the respondents who said that they weren’t happy, their responses varied from saying that their compensation is “ok, but it could be more” or that they were unhappy with their salary. Despite being completely crucial to a marketing strategy, connecting the dots between social media and increased business is just starting to come into its own.
Community managers are proficient at social media, using it to locate, engage, nurture, build and even manage Community. The Social Media Manager is trying to attract attention, raising awareness and generating interest. Not only does this create conflict within the individual performing both roles, it also carries the very real risk that neither job is being performed satisfactorily. This deck addresses the clear differences in the responsibilities, goals, objectives, audiences, and even metrics of Social Media Management and Community Management, helping organisations understand the benefits of splitting them to deliver stellar programmes. I work with global brands to help them define and implement their strategy for managing, building and growing their own communities. And number 2, the roles of a social media manager and a community manager are completely different.

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