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2010 was such a messy year for social media that I gave up the idea of publishing a third version. We are now (almost) in 2011 and we have a much more sharp vision of the social media ecosystem and emerging practices like social commerce or social search.
This new landscape is composed of 7 families which matches the 7 primary uses of social media (Hi-res versino available on FlickR). As it is not the first time I try to map social media, I will not make any prediction on what will happens next. I love your diagram it really simplifies the Social media tools, I am writing a book on social media for business, coming out in a few months, could I have permission to publish this diagram in my book, I will give you the necessary credit.
Social media and networking tools can be effectively used to create business networks to share knowledge and expertise.
Online communities didn’t wait for Facebook to gather and sociabilize within online forums.
Even if audience metrics show supremacy from large platform like MySpace, Facebook or even Cyworld in South Korea, global services which embrace multiple meta-functions (publishing, sharing, social networking…) are exposing their members to information overflow. Do not panic, we are only beginning to observe the rise of social media (and there conquest by marketers).

A very good thing for users who can benefits from a large array of online services and social platforms, but a jigsaw for brands and marketers which have to face audience fragmentation. I also started to introduce the idea of concentration on social platforms wich provide nearly equivalent functionnality but in one single (and convenient) place.
This prism is indeed a very good job, but I am not perfectly confortable with the classification (the Virtual Worlds slice is too approximated).
Once again, the aim of this chart is not to have an exhaustive list (otherwise the chart won’t be readable) but to give you a sharp overview of what type of services social media are made of. Indeed, Facebook can be seen as the mall of social media: a convenient place where one can find every services offered elsewhere but in a single location. I remain nevertheless deeply convinced that relying your social strategy on Facebook alone is a very reductive approach. What you have to understand is that it is highly illusionary to think you can control your brand by restricting blog usage from your employee or by avoiding social networks. That is why it is important to name a social media champion within your organization (just choose the right job title: Community planner, Social media manager, Community architect, Social analytics expert…). Let me remind you once again that you do not engage too much responsibility by experimenting new social campaigns (except for bugs attack).

Most people think of facebook and twitter when you mention social media, but to me it makes sense to apply it to anything where you can be social, i.e.
All the various online services available provide a much greater richness and more subtle social mechanisms. This evaluation has to rely on dedicate metrics which are tailored to the constraints and specificity of social media.
Yes indeed, because if Facebook is by far the most visible, users are generally using more than one social platform. Taking the time to study all those will help you acquire a most sharper understanding on how social media works.
Most of the time, average users are happy with Facebook’s large panel of functionalities, but hipsters and opinion leaders turn to different social online services. The primary business benefits of these collaboration and social tools are also accompanied by inherent weaknesses.

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