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Computer scientists at the Delft University of Technology in Holland and the Shanghai Jiaotong University studied 46 million messages posted on Twitter and the enormously popular Sina Weibo (a similar but non related Chinese service pronounced way-bore). Social media is an excellent method to reach Chinese consumers, build loyalty and explore the market. Integration of social media with other marketing efforts, such as SEO, content creation or paid search.
Recent research from Global Web Index into global social media usage revealed some interesting results. Sina Weibo (Weibo means microblog in Chinese) is a hugely popular Chinese Social Media site. Tencent is the leading internet portal in China and biggest Chinese internet company by revenue. Youku and Tudou were two separate Chinese video sharing sites but in March 2012 they merged to create the largest video site in the country. Baidu has the Chinese search market pretty well sewn up but has been less successful in the social space, even shutting down its own microblogging service in 2011. There is definitely huge opportunities for international businesses using social media to reach a Chinese audience. Social Media management tool Hootsuite has also recognised the opportunities in China and has integrated Sina Weibo, RenRen and most recently into its interface, enabling users to manage those platforms from their Hootsuite account.

The China Luxury Forecast by Ruder Finn and Ipsos has shed light on the role social media played in shopping decisions for Chinese and Hong Kong shoppers in 2014. As for social media’s influence on luxury buying, social media networks were the second most influential source of luxury information for mainland Chinese and the third most influential for Hong Kong consumers.
Because of China’s internet firewall, the social media networks that the consumers from China and Hong Kong use are different as well. Not only do mainland Chinese and Hong Kong consumers use different social networks, but mainland Chinese are also more likely to share information about products and promotions on social media.
The social media landscape in China is completely unique, with Weibo, WeChat, QQ, Douban, Youku and other platforms leading the way. If you're considering running a Chinese-language social media campaign for you business, please contact us using the form below to get a quote. This Chinese Social Media equivalent of Facebook also has many of the same features, such as the recently introduced timeline.
I worked in Social Media industry for 3 years but in China there are many strict censorship rules, a lot of sites are not accessible and internet is slow. In mainland China, the top two networks are WeChat and Weibo, whereas in Hong Kong, the top two social networks are Facebook and Instagram. Like Twitter, Sina Weibo has a 140 character limit but as these generally correspond to syllables rather than single letters like in Latin alphabets, Chinese microblog posts can generally contain more words than Twitter posts in Latin languages.

It has fewer users than Qzone and Sina Weibo, but still can claim around 137 million registered accounts. This makes it pretty challenging to set up accounts without using a Chinese speaker – although as all of the content you post would need to be in Chinese to reach the majority of users, there is little point in embarking on a Chinese Social Media campaign without in-house or agency Chinese resources. More and more US companies are targeting Chinese market nowadays, and I used to tell them about Chinese Weibo Marketing Tips.
It started life as more of a blog, developing into a social network giving it a focus on page customisation and personal expression.
The user demographics of Sina Weibo show that its users are generally white collar workers based in the major cities, making it a particularly appealing audience for advertisers.
RenRen does not only own a social network, and has a range of other products and currently generates more of its revenue from online games than social advertising.

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