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Although individual attendees will receive tremendous benefit from attending Social Media Week Chicago, businesses and organizations should value the opportunity to get involved even more.
In addition, Social Media Week provides your business several unique opportunities to achieve its marketing goals for 2013 through branded sponsorship.
This week of September 19th has a host of several different networking events all around Chicago. As part of an international conference, Social Media Week brings together social media enthusiasts and technologists in a week-long series of events in cities around the world. From events on Tuesday evening featuring the Chicago Tribune and Second City, to an event Wednesday about using social media in mobile apps in the Lincoln Park area, to events focusing on using social media to grow a startup on Thursday at the CareerBuilder building on Thursday, and more. All are focused around the recognition and discussion on the social media technology that has reshaped how many aspects of business has changed, altered and enhanced communication.
Registration for some of these events is quickly filling up and closing due to popular demand, so be sure to take a look if interested.
For a full list of events happening during Social Media Week in Chicago, check the schedule here.
On September 21, Social Media Club Chicago will present two Social Media Week Chicago events. Disclosure: I serve on the Social Media Club Chicago board and am participating in both events. Meet the people behind the scenes from the sports teams, businesses and cultural spots that keep Chicago sparkling as one of the world’s greatest cities. Thanks to Windy City Social 3rd Annual Social Media Masters Summit for co-producing the evening program.

Social Media Club [SMC] is a worldwide organization, with local chapters, that serves as connecting organization for anyone interested in social media. Chicago is a magazine created to simplify your research of the best events in Chicago.
It takes part of the Evensi network, Evensi is a search engine dedicated to geo-located events. With more than 30 million events all over the world suggested based on your interests, you will definitely find what interests you most, find out what to do in the evening and how to spend your days doing what you love. Along with the team at Zocalo Group, 435 Digital has been co-planning this week of events during September 23rd – 26th for the past several months. Your organization has an opportunity to learn the best practices of social media in almost any industry — a great training tool for all employees affected by social media in the work place.
Whether your business wants to increase its visibility within the Chicagoland area or differentiate from competition with thought leadership, a customized sponsorship package is available. It is a fairly unique event as the only cities other than Chicago taking part are: Beirut, Bogota, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Glasgow, Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Rio de Janero, Sao Paulo and Vancouver.
He has a great passion for creating visually attractive graphical user interfaces, and regularly shares industry insight and design tips with others via social media. Coming up on October 25 and 26, this summit is a highly anticipated event that brings together top brands, bloggers, agency contacts and consultants to connect and share best practices from all marketing channels related to social media.
As Social Media Club (SMC) Chicago’s founder, Barbara is a recognized spokesperson for brands, bloggers and the social media marketing PR industry. The content we all share, like, post and read on social media is a very powerful tool to help spread your businesses message.

For those of you not yet familiar with what this week entails, it basically consists of workshops, panels, speakers, and events relating the importance and impact of Social Media in our society today. Benefits of the pass include: VIP party access, attend sold out events, attend exclusive advanced level Master Classes, and receive perks from partner companies. A business owner looking to get started in social media will benefit just much as the advanced social media user or community manager. The 2011 event line-up includes top bloggers and Social Media leaders from Domino’s Pizza, Jockey, Walgreen’s, Kelloggs and more.
This workshop will teach you the best practices for getting your content shared on social media.
There will be networking events, industry specific programs, and many opportunities to share your business’s expertise.
Event attendees include entrepreneurs, corporate communicators, journalists, business professionals, publishers, marketers, media creators, citizen journalists, students and technology types.
Simply combining blogging and social media, you can increase your ability to reach out to more customers.
We believe offering attendees this pass this will allow them to have a more engaging experience with what Social Media Week has to offer.

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