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Social media marketing class instructor Adam Proehl teaches marketers the techniques for measuring content marketing ROI.
As ForeSee’s Director of Mobile, Media & Entertainment, Eric provides leadership to the company’s mobile solutions as well as solutions related to the media and entertainment industries.
B2B companies have unique opportunities when it comes to how social transforms their business. Starting from social media marketing to attract and retain customers and evolving into business process changes like crowdsourcing innovation with input from partners and early adopters of your products and services. Having the skill to create order out of the chaos of data we receive on a daily basis from various websites, social networks, and ad campaigns allows you to gain insight into your audience and develop effective decisions with greater confidence than ever before.

Social is rapidly turning the traditional marketing and product development plans on their heads and creating two-way real-time dialogue for customer interaction. Electives are available to supplement the main certification coursework, so you will not be tested on any of the material covered in those classes as they are optional to watch. Being so large and geographically dispersed, it is the ideal test market for this transformation into a Social Business.
Social has also been at the core of how IBM shares its vision of the transformation to a Smarter Planet among clients, employees, partners, governments, NGOs, and other key influencer communities. He also holds several professional certifications for all of the leading web analytics tools and a variety of supplemental tools and services.

This year social also played a key role in the IBM Centennial celebration, where Watson may have won Jeopardy, but is now on to more serious business.

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