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Through research, critical analysis, and internships, students learn the best practices for responsible and innovative leadership in all areas of media management: production, media economics and finance, marketing, distribution, and new technology development. Media Management faculty members aren’t just great teachers; they are practitioners and executives at the top of their fields, from Facebook, Google, Nielsen, Conde Nast, NBC, Meredith, Universal, Pearson, and many more. The New School's New York City location offers unmatched opportunities to pursue professional internships at leading media firms and to build connections in the industry and among our active community of students, faculty, and alumni. With a commitment to personal attention and a focus on your success, the Media Management master's degree offers access to academic resources and services that include on-site production facilities, scholarly and professional conferences and events, campus housing, and lifelong career services. The New School has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1960. Marco Williams Associate Arts Professor, Film and Television INTERNSHIPSThe program also arranges supervised internships for course credit, tailored to individual research and professional interests.
The Department of Cinema Studies has a collection of over 38,000 videos and 3000 16mm prints at The George Amberg Memorial Film Study Center, and New York University's Avery Fisher Music and Media Center has over 2000 documentaries as well as other films available to students in its video library facility. The program works closely with the Center for Media, Culture, and History, directed by Professor Faye Ginsburg. The Center for Religion and Media, directed by Faye Ginsburg and Angela Zito, was inaugurated in 2003 as one of ten Centers of Excellence funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts; it seeks to develop interdisciplinary, cross-cultural knowledge of how religious practices and ideas are shaped and spread through a variety of media.
CURRICULUMStudents cannot take courses in the Culture and Media program unless they are enrolled in the PhD. The class will be organized around case studies that interrogate broader issues that are particularly endemic to questions of cross-cultural media including debates over cultural imperialism vs. This course considers the actual and possible forms of relation between theories of culture and society and the mode of nonfiction cinema known as (social) documentary.
A two-semester seminar that provides training and equipment for advanced graduate students to produce a media ethnography or short documentary. Culture, Meaning and Society ANTH-GA 1222 (Rogers)This introduction to sociocultural anthropology is designed for graduate students working primarily in other disciplines, and is intended to give them a grasp of specifically anthropological ways of defining researchable questions, collecting data, and drawing inference. Fourteen sessions are devoted to a comparison of current documentaries with those made in earlier decades to illustrate how the art has responded to social, political, and economic realities and to changes in technology and systems of distribution. Essentials of Marketing Strategy is the first online course in eCornell's Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders certificate program. This course is the second online course in eCornell's Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders certificate program. This course is the third online course in eCornell's Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders certificate program based on the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University's MBA marketing content.

This course is the fifth online course in eCornell's Marketing Strategy for Business Leaders certificate program, and is based on the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University's MBA marketing content. Apply marketing strategies to extend, protect, and enhance your brand using social media marketing, mobile marketing, and search-engine technologies.
Participants who successfully complete this program receive a Certificate in Marketing Strategy from the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.
Gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary publishing, intellectual writing, and the possibilities opened up by emerging technologies and media.
You can complete this 30-credit master of arts program on a full-time or part-time basis, during the day or in the evenings. New York City is home to many major publishers, news outlets, and other literary organizations, making The New School’s location ideal for aspiring writers, editors, designers, journalists, and publishers.
Students emerge from the program with a portfolio of work created independently and collaboratively that demonstrates preparedness for careers in contemporary journalism and publishing. The New School's Master of Science program in Media Management offers you the tools, professional network, and practical experience you need to succeed in today's media industries. These thought leaders give you unmatched access to the latest developments and key trends in media and communications.
The Center sponsors fellows, screenings, lectures and conferences, and integrates concerns of faculty and students from the Program in Africana Studies and the Departments of Anthropology, Cinema Studies, History, and Performance Studies as well as other programs. From one perspective, theory is a discourse of explanation that is applied, concurrently or retroactively, to the images of culture presented in documentary films: films present raw material of culture to be theorized aesthetically, sociologically, psychologically, historically, politically, and so on.
By understanding how to align marketing strategies with business strategy, high-performing business leaders make better decisions about their products, services, customers, brand, and competition.This seven-course online marketing certificate provides you with the MBA-level strategic marketing training you need to make strong business decisions and set strategic direction for your company, unit, department, or product line. The course will address the importance of new products and services to a firm's portfolio and identify the various reasons so many new products fail…and how to avoid them. The graduate program in Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism cultivates media-savvy writers who are prepared to lead the future of serious intellectual publishing.
And you can enhance your studies by choosing from a wide range of electives in other graduate programs at the university. The program’s faculty, board of advisors, and visiting lecturers include individuals who have created leading platforms for journalism and publishing, including the Village Voice, Simon and Schuster, Lapham’s Quarterly, n + 1, Slate, the New York Times, OR Books, the New York Review of Books, and Gawker Media. These projects reflect a wide range of skills relevant to conceptualizing, creating, designing, and distributing serious writing in traditional and new media.
Whether you want to advance your career or build a new enterprise, our faculty of media experts will show you how.

The Center addresses issues of representation, social change, and identity construction embedded in the development of film, television, video, and new media worldwide.
These concerns are addressed in a variety of locations, from the complex circulation of films, photos, and lithographs, to the ever increasing range of televisual culture — from state sponsored melodramas, religious epics and soap operas, to varieties of public television; to the activist use of video, radio, the internet, and small media. But at the same time, documentary filmmaking can be conceived as an intellectual discourse, what its founders called “a method of philosophic reasoning” (Paul Rotha), one meant to reflect or challenge certain cultural and social ideas. Focusing on ethnographic media practices, students also address key representational, methodological, and ethical issues in the production of ethnographic documentary. Culture & Media I and Sight and Sound Documentary (summer session) are mandatory pre-requisites.
Our unique curriculum—blending rigorous academic coursework and hands-on design practice across traditional and digital platforms—provides a new pathway for students who want to contribute meaningfully to contemporary cultural dialogue.
It brings together different forms of knowledge from anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, and political economy to bear on film and media studies troubled by geo-cultural uncertainty and convergence.
While we will focus largely on the films themselves, we will situate New Wave films within a broader spectrum of philosophy, literature, and the art. The goal of the course is for students to gain an overall sense of the historical importance of the New Wave, of the characteristic styles and themes of the key directors, and of some of the theories that circulated around such films.Topics in Documentary Film CINE GT 2002 (Lee)The term "expanded documentary" points both to the ways in which traditional documentary practices have diversified and transformed over the last few decades, particularly with changes in media technologies, as well as to different ways we might re-examine other film, media and art traditions through the lens of documentary practice.
We also investigate the role of documentation in relation to performance and social practice art. In tracing these variations of documentary practice over time, we approach these expanded forms of non-fiction media not as addenda to documentary traditions, but rather as opportunities to reflect critically on those traditions, to connect present developments to historical precedents, and to pry open our sense of documentary as form, endeavor and practice. Viewed both as discrete works of cinema and as artifacts of social and cultural significance, such orphaned films pose problems of history, culture, and aesthetics that challenge traditional conceptions of making, viewing, and studying films.
Students read primary historical sources, as well as new scholarly approaches to the global history of nonfiction film, and to the possible uses and meanings of this vast archive. Our approach throughout will be transdisciplinary, drawing on cultural studies, media studies, literary theory, and so forth.We will address the ways that popular culture can filter and reframe the debates.

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