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The problem is, most case studies out there are little more than a couple descriptive paragraphs about a few tactics. Education from case studies does not happen when they are not giving you the details you most need to reproduce their success. Tell a Story – Summarizing and bullets are helpful, but if you can, add some heart to the case study. A few simple bullets on new insights that were learned in this case add some flavor to the details of the case study. This article looks at this work as a case study on Web sustainability and also included a case study of another project where Web sustainability was central. Therefore this project looked at options on how to use free hosting sites as a means of protecting a valuable resource in an economical and sustainable way, using the EMKN as a case study.
With regard to Google Sites, each page essentially needs to be produced individually; producing templates of portions of the site helps, but each page does need to be produced individually.

The first part of the project was to look at what the various options were when there was no requirement to move resources produced, as in case study 1, then choose an approach. Replacing heavy third-party social buttons with simple social media links can significantly reduce HTTP requests and page-loading times.
By removing the CMS for static pages, we eliminated the need for a database and dynamic templates. For the slideshow banner on the home page, we optimized for different screen sizes by using media queries to ensure that only appropriate-sized images are loaded. For the breakpoints, we used multiple CSS media queries to responsively deliver the optimal presentation of content to screens both large and small.
It will help us remember, help you drill down, and hook the case study and readership around the right theme.
Using the popular PHP framework Laravel, we implemented a custom “dynamic route and static template” system.

The reason is that these frameworks need to be sensitive to and cater to a wide variety of use cases and are not tailored to the particular requirements of your project. We included (though did not limit) breakpoints at 120, 240, 600, 760, 980 and 1360 pixels, as well as targeted media queries for specific content on pages and also high-pixel-density screens. This means that each time a URL is called on our website, the Laravel router knows exactly which template to load by matching the URL to the template’s name, and the template already has all of the content laid out statically in HTML.

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