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Below are external web links provided by Virgin Media in relation to their business activities. This page and contents, ©2015 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed. Zappos’ dedication to customer service and their great company culture are clearly visible on social media, and that has had a huge impact on their sales, reputation and branding. Zappos is great at using social media to reinforce the message that businesses are powered by people, not numbers.
If you’re a service-based business, showing what your employees can do gives customers confidence in booking with you.
Zappos, the online shoe, clothing and accessories retailer, has an incredibly open and social culture.
Providing great customer service and employee support through social media sustains Zappos’ reputation. Similarly, when the salon reaches a goal or receives awards, they tag the employees who contributed to the success.

Takeaway: Zappos has laid the right foundation to encourage employees to participate in social media.
Post customer reviews on social media to share how satisfied customers feel about their experience.
The salon celebrates employees’ birthdays or weddings to help create personal bonds between stylists customers.
Establish social media guidelines that highlight the do’s and don’ts that your employees should adhere to.
To encourage employees to share photos of their work life, give them the training and tools they’ll need. G Michael Salon shares the professional training and certifications of its employees to instill customers’ confidence in their decision to schedule an appointment.
Its commitment to corporate social responsibility ensures its employees have access to opportunities to meet their self-actualisation needs. Here are just a few of the ways Zappos uses social media to support and share their unique culture.

Don’t push social media to people who aren’t interested, because they won’t give the energy it needs to be successful. This will help increase your reach and align employees with your company’s social media strategy.
Using its annual employee engagement survey, Virgin Media values have been developed with employee input. Each year, an employee opinion survey asks all employees to answer questions from categories such as training, development and career, strategy and way of working. In this way everyone at Virgin Media is able to contribute to making the company a place in which they all love to work.
The company has seen year on year improvement with the 2012 results showing 82% of Virgin Media’s workforce is engaged.

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