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Hey welcome back to the show this is Nile Nickel with Social Media Business Hour and as I told you in the intro, I’m very excited today to have Jeff Herring on the show with us. Jeff: If you started creating content once a week, and that’s a great schedule to be on, follow the things we’re talking about in this interview and the things you get with the templates and it may take you an hour or so to create your first piece of content.
Nile: Hey we’re getting close, we’ve got four or five minutes yet, but we’re getting close to the end of the show and one of the things that we do on the show in fact it’s what we ask our listeners is, we believe that just a small change, just one small change every week in your business, can make a huge difference a big difference. Nile: That’s ok – go watch The Interns and I guess what I was trying to get to is it doesn’t matter the business you’re in, you can use and apply this stuff to your business.
I believe that social media and “Becoming Enchanting” are crucial to the business of any business today. Tyler Anderson is a social media marketing entrepreneur, speaker, and host of the Social Media Social Hour Podcast. In previous years as an entrepreneur Yaro created, managed and sold several different Internet businesses.

His successful projects include a Magic: The Gathering card game trading forum and e-commerce site, a proofreading business called BetterEdit and a portfolio of website investments, including a blog called Small Business Branding and a collection of sites about miniature motorcycles. Tyler is the founder and CEO of Casual Fridays, a social media marketing agency and creators of Scoreboard Social, a simplified social media reporting and benchmarking tool.
You can use it, repurpose it as a video, as a blog post as social media updates, you can do teleseminars about it, training.
Keep that list going and you’re going to have no problem coming up with ideas to create content to put out there to get people to pursue you to want to do business with you.
Jump in there and get going and you’re going to find out literally in just a few minutes a week you can have a dramatic impact on your business, whether that business is a pizza parlor or whether it’s an Internet marketing company.
If you look at any great teacher throughout the centuries they told stories and think about the things we remember, think about the things we remember from growing up, we were read stories, we tell stories now and everybody has their story about how they got into what they did and the stories that happened to them and the stories that relate to what they do and whatever transformation you deliver in your business. And we’re going to put a link up on Social Media Business Hour to make it easy for people to find but can you describe that product and quite honestly I don’t even know the price point on that product it’s been so long since I purchased that product.

Jeff has long been the behind the scenes guy, creating direct marketing content for many of the top Internet marketers and business leaders. You’re going to get recognized as an expert in your niche, you’re going to get people approaching you, wanting to do business with you. I have been doing this full time this way online going on eight years and I have yet to find the niche that this won’t dramatically improve in business and I don’t think I ever will find a niche where that doesn’t apply, it applies everywhere when you go and use the stuff.
A commodity competes on price and you can do that for awhile and win, but it’s not a long-term sustainable business plan.
Unless you’ve got tens of thousands of people who are pathologically interested in what you’ve had for lunch, you still need content on social media even if it’s just a 140-character tweet.

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