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The amount of information available about social media marketing online is both a gift and a curse.
It’s nearly impossible to talk about the top social media blogs without referencing Rebekah Radice.
Some marketers may have jumped ship on Pinterest to head to Instagram, but consumers haven’t followed.
If you want to learn more about marketing on Facebook, then Mari Smith’s blog is the place to be.
Social media is often referred to as the great equalizer that allows small businesses to compete with the big guys. Dominique JacksonDominique Jackson is a pro blogger, inbound marketing specialist, and Twitter addict! If you have implemented social media into your marketing strategy and want to see some actual results, reading up on some of the latest tips and advice from thought leaders in the industry would be a smart idea. Not only is Buffer a social media scheduling tool, but their blog provides its readers with thoroughly researched content. Pushing Social is an agency that helps solve brand awareness and lead generation challenges with social media and content marketing strategies. Convince & Convert helps people improve their social media and content marketing efforts through audits, creation of strategic plans, workshops and coaching. In the comments below, share your favorite social media blogs that you think we should add to our list.

Stephanie's passion for all things media has led her to becoming a key member of the Tresnic Media content marketing team. It’s great to have resources you can look to for tips and information for being successful on any social media platform. Pinterest hit the social media world like a brick in the face and although the buzz has died down a little bit, it’s still a very powerful social network.
Loomer uses his 5+ years of experience in Facebook marketing to give actionable tips to help you grow your brand and business through the largest social network to date. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of the top 7 social media blogs to follow if you are looking to improve your social media marketing. It helps numerous businesses discover how to best use social media, podcasts and blogs to connect with customers, generate awareness, increase sales, and drive traffic. I often reference their content in my own blog posts because I find them to be such a valuable source of information. Their blog made Social Media Examiner’s list of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs to follow in 2015.
Their blog was named the #1 Content Marketing Blog in the World by Content Marketing Institute and provides helpful content about social media and content marketing. He includes social media tool reviews that are really in depth and also offers his readers helpful resources such as a guide on how to increase traffic and social shares. She helps plan and execute content development and social media strategies for multiple clients across a diverse mix of verticals.

Oh So Pinteresting is a blog by Cynthia Sanchez that gives helpful insights into being successful on Pinterest.
She also features guest bloggers occasionally which provides you with even more expert advice.
One of the things that differentiates her blog from other social media marketing blogs—besides her experience—is her posts that help you get the right mindset necessary to be successful. In addition to the topics you’d expect to see, like how to grow a following on the social network, she also shares content on more meaty subjects like how to find paying customers or running successful Facebook Ad campaigns. Social Media Examiner also hosts two popular podcasts called The Social Media Marketing podcast and The Social Media Examiner Show.
Schaefer’s content includes many of his experiences with content marketing and he has tailored his blog to help other businesses grow. For retail stores, e-commerce sites or anyone selling physical products, you’ll definitely want to put this blog on your must read list. Instead, you’ll find content that makes you re-think the way you approach social media marketing and your business in general. Vaynerchuk’s direct approach cuts through some of the fluff and misconceptions that you might have about social media marketing.

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