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To create a content strategy that engages and motivates your audience, you need to do a comprehensive social media audit.
In this article I’ll share how to perform a social media audit to build a successful social media content strategy. Most businesses have already identified the main players in their industry by searching Google or social networks. Click on Metric for an overview of the account’s social activity for a predetermined time period. By looking at the data in your spreadsheet, you can use a variety of metrics to evaluate the social media performance of your site and compare it with your competitors’.
Overview of competitive social metrics by social profile for Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today and HubSpot. In the example above, you can see that although Social Media Today posts four times more often than HubSpot and Social Media Examiner on Twitter, their conversation, amplification and applause rates are lower.
Next, you can do a deep dive into each social profile to identify the most successful content on each one. When creating an engagement strategy for your social profiles, this list can give you some people to add to your Google+ circles.
From this list, we can see that Social Media Examiner’s audience is highly interested in comprehensive research and overall, big-picture trends. Another interesting finding is that although their niche targets social media, a post about SEO had high engagement, indicating that their audience is interested in both social AND search.

After you’ve analyzed the social profiles of competitors, you can aggregate all of the information into an opportunity and gap analysis report.
With the data you’ve discovered, you’re now ready to create your own social marketing strategy! Now that you know what content is most and least successful across social channels, incorporate this into your content creation strategy.
When you invest time into a comprehensive social media audit, your findings will provide a strong foundation for your social strategy. After you put your strategy into motion, remember to regularly audit your site and your competitors’ in order to modify your strategy.
Wow thank you for such an in depth guide to building and maintaining a social media strategy!
The stuff in this article is really amazing and like an monster, As Blake said depth guide to build and maintain social media is really true. SM Best Practices (1)Consistent Messages trought Networks : All social networks should have consistentmessaging across them. SM Best Practices (2)Story Telling + Adding Value: Initial activity will be minimal on each social network,therefore your Social Media people will need to make an effort in creating causes,posting blogs, etc. SM Best Practices (3)Resources: Social media staff is needed because there are roles that need to becovered. A small account will allow you to track your site plus two competitors; with the medium account, you can track your site and up to nine competitors.

Use what you find to inform your content creation strategy for both your blog and social posts. Watch and interact with their content so you can lure them over to your own social profiles.
Make an in-person visit to all of your competitors’ profiles to note the overall strategy behind their social content.
Social Media Examiner could improve its performance on Twitter by increasing audience engagement.
Although, i’m having trouble adding competitors for analysis in True social metrics as accounts like Twitter, Youtube require authorisation from the account holder.
If they’re posting actively across social channels, add them to your list of competitors. If there is not much user interaction on thewebsite, you need to create a SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR and determinate who in yourorganization will provide content.

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