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If your company does not have a social media policy, it’s a good idea to consider putting something in place.
Once you have explained the boundaries of the policy, make sure to monitor and update it regularly as trends regarding social media are constantly changing. The use of social media in the workplace is regarded as being good for business and its leaders, but not necessarily for staff. This entry was posted on February 19, 2014 by Jamie McDonald in Organizational Change, Organizations + Technology, Social Networks and tagged control, social media, social network. 6 Tips For Securing Social Media In The Workplace Empower employees by training them to be aware and secure, and in how to avoid becoming a statistic.The use of social networking, for most people, has become a daily habit or addiction. I do think that today most employees today are aware of the risks from social media in the workplace (and at home) but it's easy to fall into bad practices.
Finding the happy medium of training that is not too technical or too long -- yet still is effective -- sounds like a pretty tall order. There used to be a thin but distinct line that separates your professional life at work and your social life on the Internet. However, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are often banned at work as some employers believe that these keep employees away from their tasks. More and more customers are turning to social media in searching for potential companies that could help them in their expansion. Social networking sites could be an avenue for connecting with co-workers and promoting teamwork.

It can’t be denied that social media has a big impact to our lives at work, and we have since embraced the possibilities of technology assisting us in our daily tasks. Initially people used social media primarily outside the workplace to connect with close friends, family and employment opportunities. But rather than continually fight the trend, I recommend that organizations resign themselves to the fact that employees are going to use social media at work. It is important for organizations, particularly defense and financial organizations, not to underestimate how much social networking sites can be used for the purposes of recon for attackers. I agree that companies need a "firm but fair" policy for social media, and to educate on the downside. That is why it’s no wonder that different social media platforms have made their way into the corporate world, right in the hands of people who work in various companies. Aside from the traditional e-mails, companies can stay in touch with their clients and update each other from time to time through social media. Aside from resting, checking your social media accounts could make your break more leisurely and enjoyable. Today, social media is as pervasive inside the workplace as out and people are tweeting, linking, and connecting -- on company assets, bandwidth, and time.
The following link on social media governance provides examples of policies that are being used by large companies across most industry verticals. Passwords should be complex and employees should be reminded that those used for social media should not be the same as their corporate login.

And putting the onus on employees to avoid location-based social media on their corporate mobile devices doesn't seem to onerous. This includes our ability and desire to be up to date with trends and happenings from all over the world, even while in the workplace. Real-time conversations and interactions have been made possible by social networking sites and media convergence. Of course, social networking sites can only be relaxing if you choose to see pleasant and positive posts instead of negative ones. Additionally, in the onboarding process for new employees and contractors, companies should provide the social media policy and have them sign off that they have read it and understand the policy.
Advertising across social media platforms would help you gain profit which would be helpful in your investments for your company.
Know your limitations and strike a balance between the two, and you might actually enjoy social media while at work!

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