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The FA have sent two FA Cup final tickets into space attached to a balloon, with the intention that it’ll burst and the tickets will be found on Earth. Southampton have introduced the Premier League’s first ever Player Integration Officer in a spoof documentary to launch their new kit. April 3, 2015 by Brian Clapp 6 Comments We recently conducted some detailed research indicating social media was the fastest growing of all the various sectors of the sports industry. The tweet was on the edge, but it was harmless, and it created something the NHL has needed badly – buzz.
We’ve all read stodgy press releases carefully crafted by a public relations executive, and listened to canned answers from athletes that bored us to tears.
Forgetting for a second how enjoyable and refreshing these are to read, lets bring this back to business and publicity.

The gloves are coming off, teams are loosening their belts, taking off the ties and finally realizing sports and trash talk go together like Greg Hardy and a parole officer. Recently, Brian has become addicted to Google+ and LinkedIn so add him to your circles and make him a contact.
And if you want to know where our privacy policy is before you submit your comments below, it's right here. Michael Vick, steroids, the decline of boxing and fighting in hockey were among the hot topics dissected during an exclusive roundtable at the studios of Fox News on May 21, 2009.
The Kings social media team went right back to their creative ways, poking and prodding where necessary, and gathering followers by the boatload. Finally, we the fan base, are getting something different from the social voice of the teams we love.

They all toe the line gracefully, making creative and entertaining points while still being able to represent a team and sponsors.
Creativity, wit, and enough common sense to know how to converse while still positively representing your employer. With the knowledge that the media would be looking for Irish-themed stories, the team spawned the idea to ban the song for the month.

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