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Oil and gas companies are seen by and large with great scepticism by the American and European public, and are often painted as a bunch of fat cats who look for every opportunity to ruin the environment and oppress the poor. Cabot Oil and Gas, for example, bend over backwards to give back to the small towns of the north-east US where it operates. Many within the oil and gas community quickly point to Hollywood celebrities and hopelessly ignorant politicians as the main source of our problems.
Unfortunately, many in the industry are still living somewhere between the town bazaar and the telephone.
However, if you search social media platforms to find valuable insights about oil and gas, you would not walk away with a favourable image of our industry.
I recently checked Facebook to see how many of the largest oil and gas companies on earth out of a list of 500 were active on the network – less than a dozen. If it were not for oil and gas, we would still be driving horse carts, dying of dysentery, heating our homes with wood from disappearing forests and fumbling around in dark rooms the moment the sun went down. As we have discussed in the past, there are shining examples of oil and gas companies doing big things in social media, but they are few and far in between. Check out the the oil and gas industry’s most timely indicator of new oil and gas production trends.
Download the Updated 2015 Top 100 Oil and Gas InfographicSocial media adoption among oil and gas companies has continued to increase. Whether you have been seeking justification to participate in one or more social media channels or you’re wondering how other companies in the industry are successfully using social media, our infographic on social media engagement in the oil and gas industry will help answer your questions. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. The tickets, ticket quantity or date and time you've requested are no longer available, due to previous sales.
Find out how mainstream media and social media interact, and how social media can powerfully amplify your messages if dialog is employed.
This seminar will help your figure out the do's and don'ts of your social media and online marketing strategy.
Oil and gas communicators, public relations practitioners, marketers, human resources professionals, investor relations officers, corporate secretaries, and consultants. Kent wasn’t sure how ready the oil and gas industry would be for this kind of social networking site.

The Q&A section is an exciting opportunity for the industry to share knowledge, globally, across a variety of organizations, in a free and open format. Kent believes that everyone in the business has something of value to offer other oil and gas professionals.
To stay up to date on what’s happening in the upstream oil and gas industry across the globe, click here to subscribe. Oil and gas companies not only contribute billions of dollars to the economy in the form of jobs and tax revenue, but we also care for our communities.
You cannot completely discount the sway these people have over the public, but I think it is time to take a good look in the mirror and see how we as an industry are contributing to the problem.
But, when a frightened public is faced with perpetual scare tactics from oil and gas opponents and ominous headlines from journalists who glory in fanning the flames, it takes much more than parades and community picnics to turn the tide. Here we are with the greatest American energy revolution happening right before our eyes, which has already poured untold billions of dollars into the US economy, and we are letting our adversaries dictate the conversation and shape public perception.
If we do it right and are willing to meet people where they are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., they will not only gain an appreciation of our achievements of yesterday, but will eagerly partner with us as we build the bright future of tomorrow. He has since went on to found Tribe Rocket, a digital marketing agency that helps oil and gas operators build highly-enthusiastic communities of investors, potential partners and concerned citizens around their brands to drive business results. I am in charge of establishing a new start-up’s social media efforts and this really helps to put energy in the task! We are an energy industry construction company based in Western Canada, and some of our foundational values areour community spirit and company culture. Learn how to mitigate risk, work through our "pre-flight checklist" to protect your brand, educate your staff, monitor your online reputation, and develop policies and procedures regarding social media.
Anyone in oil and gas who wants to integrate social media into their other online and offline communications tactics. As an experienced technical reporter to various E&P companies, Johnson was definitely interested in being part of this new venture. In my own hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, Chesapeake and XTO are permanent fixtures of the philanthropic landscape. In the same way new drilling technology is shaping the industry, new social media technology is shaping the world.
You will be told, inaccurately, that companies refuse to disclose the ingredients of their frac fluids, and shown endless pictures of flaming water faucets, all of which have been proven to be caused by naturally occurring biogenic methane.

And the best answer we can come up with is to kick the can and grumble about how bad we have got it.
The trouble with many in this industry (and many others) is a lack of understanding about social media and how to use it. Unfortunately, many are still applying traditional marketing tactics to new media platforms. As an upcoming publication for the Eagle Ford Shale we are trying to do exactly that – build an online presence and get people interacting.
We are a close group who are very proud of Strike and each other, and I am working hard to spread our message through social media. Much of Johnson’s reporting and opinion pieces are written with that younger demographic in mind. As social media expert Jay Baer points out, once upon a time the only way to complain to a company about a defective product was to go back to their booth at the town bazaar.
The amount of time people are spending on social media is staggering, and this has trained them to expect certain things. Most have finally moved beyond the point of treating social media as a quirky trend for kids and realize the need to leverage the media. Admittedly it is a steep hill to climb, because as you say, the industry is rooted somewhere between town hall and a phone call, but I believe over time our friends list and followers will grow and people will continue to learn what a wonderful community the energy industry can be. When it’s all said and done, social media and content marketing success can only happen where there is great culture and a willingness to not only embrace change, but enthusiastically run toward the unknown.
People have become accustomed to interacting with brands and forming their opinions about them based largely on how they interact with their audience. Perhaps we can all help change that and fight back with the real information the public needs to hear.

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