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IDG Connect offers vendors the ability to run large and small-scale research programs across our global database of IT and Business decision-makers in over 147 countries.
Research programs provide the tools to shape and support marketing tactics, as well as guide sales and marketing teams on how to best engage customers and help close sales. Web and mobile technologies offer exciting presentational opportunities, including interactive dynamic graphics, clear, compelling analytics and video for demonstrations and testimonials. Using content derived from IDG Connect research, you can create a compelling business case that chimes perfectly with the interests and needs of your customers, and helps to reduce the length of the sales cycle and increase business.
IDG Connect research teams are highly experienced in creating both qualitative and quantitative research programs to address specific subjects or industry trends. We work in multiple languages and provide continuous consultancy and guidance in how to structure questions, how to run surveys and collate and interpret results. Our approach ensures that you not only get the best and most accurate results, but the best value and return on your marketing investment.
Decision-makers cite thought leadership and industry understanding as two of the most important factors in choosing a potential vendor partner, but you can’t build a thought leadership position without thorough and accurate research. If not, this research is crucial to your marketing since these two market segments live and communicate via social media and they research, connect and purchase with their mobile devices.
Here are five critical Gen X and Gen Y trends that emerged from NBC Universal’s The Curve Report 2013, an in-depth bi-annual research project to highlight trends and insights of this critical, high purchasing segment. When it comes to social media, marketers get a lot of it right according to Gen X and Gen Y consumers.
Over 70% of respondents interact with brands on social media either regularly or occasionally and among the top trendsetters this rate increases to 90%. Here are six data points regarding Gen X and Gen Y attitudes towards marketers and brands on social media based from The Curve as reported in Adweek. 17% Say brands constantly try to interact with me on social media sites and it’s becoming a turn off. 9% Think many brands on social media sites aren’t the type of brands I like to talk about with my friends.
Actionable Marketing Implications: In 2013, marketers must go beyond just putting up a social media page and going through the motions of being engaged. Marketers must assess how to integrate these changing views and needs into their marketing plans and social media engagement to maximize returns.
I’m in the first wave of GenX and I can say these five trends (esp 1 and 3) are reflected in how I engage and structure my life.
The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. Using social media as a tool for market research is a great way to improve your business as well as establish rapport with prospective clients. Fantastic post Ray.Research potential with Social Media is so often overlooked by companies but very powerful. Monitor social media sites for mentions of your product, services or brand, while keeping the goal of your qualitative research in mind.
Therefore you must move from being present on social media to integrating social media into every aspect of your business to be where your customers are when they want to engage with you.

These are a growing segment of single women who don’t have children and have chosen a solo living alternative to having a traditional family. These are the hyper-connected tastemakers and curators encompassing influencers, stylists, bloggers and celebrities who are taste and cultural arbitrators. However, many businesses have begun to turn to social media as a cost-effective and in-depth tool for gaining insights into their customers, market, brand appearance and other important market research aspects. When I work with clients research is the first process I carry out before anything else.LinkedIn groups are one way our company tries to understand the needs, pain points and interests of our target market to build campaigns around.
Social media sites typically have search functions, so you can search through previously published data.
Actionable Marketing Implications: Indie women need a variety of different support systems to fulfill needs and supplement services traditionally provided by family members. Actionable Marketing Implications: There’s been a fundamental shift in how people navigate through their lives and interactions with others across their work and personal lives. Technology is allowing them to find new, easier and cheaper ways to accomplish their goals. Actionable Marketing Implications: They’ve become an integral part of the social commerce ecosystem connecting marketers and customers. Gen X and Gen Y use a collective intelligence model focused on getting as much top talent together to find the best idea. The keys to utilizing social media for market research are to understand the benefits and creating a proper research plan. The autonomous mindset of these independent women is redefining household structures, relationship dynamics and products and services for the life of one person. Marketers must be able to connect via smartphones and tablets to be part of the purchase process. Actionable Marketing Implications: Embracing a beta-test mindset, this segment thrives on fast, democratized creativity. These six tips offer easy to implement ways to utilize social media in your market research methods for improved, measurable results.1.
They’re creating solutions to problems and finding more profitable ways to circumvent established hierarchies and ways of doing business.
Track Trends with Social Media for Real-Time InsightsMost social media platforms, such as Twitter or Facebook, offer numerous ways to analyze trends and conduct market research. Marketers have a difficult time competing with them since they’ve got less overhead and other costs. By simply searching the latest posts and popular terms, you can gain insight into emerging trends and see what customers are talking about in real-time. With this segment, some businesses may do better to hire them and work with them rather than compete. Learn the Language of Your Audience for Improved Marketing AppealThe words and factors that you use to track the success of your product or business might not always align with what customers find most important. By analyzing social media exchanges about your product or service, you can learn what factors customers use to determine value as well as the way that they speak about your product, service or brand.
By utilizing these factors and terms within your own marketing, you can speak directly to consumers and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

By creating customer-centric definitions of value, quality and other important terms, you can help to create a brand or product image that is unique amongst competitors and speaks directly to your target market.3.
Use the Real-Time Aspects of Social Media for Quick ResearchTraditional market research methods, such as surveys or study groups, could take months to plan, form and execute.
This makes it possible to use market research to follow increasingly specific aspects of your marketing efforts.
From product launches to follow-up marketing, each part of your marketing plan can be analyzed independently for improved results across the entirety of your marketing plan. Instead of spending months developing a marketing research plan, and possibly only gaining outdated information as trends change, you can use social media for market research right now.4.
Use Social Media to Broaden the Scope of Your Market ResearchSocial media is increasing in popularity with both businesses and consumers across virtually every market demographic in existence. A 2011 report by Nielson on the state of social media claims that approximately 80-percent of people with Internet access utilize social media. This makes it possible to conduct market research with an audience that is many times larger than nearly any other marketing or media source can provide. The casual nature and easy access of social media also helps to promote user interaction, engagement and participation. This improves the chances of obtaining useful, accurate and honest data from your efforts.5. Discover Unnoticed Trends and Insights by Engaging Instead of LeadingOne of the biggest weaknesses to most marketing research methods is that they are driven by questions.
With the broad scope and interactive nature of social media, information is gained through interaction and observation. This can result in a variety of answers and discoveries that might have remained hidden using other research methods.6. Harness Social Media Research for Improved Cost EfficiencyIn most cases, utilizing social media for market research is simply a matter of investing time. Free tools exist for nearly every social media platform to help gather information and use it to derive useful information. When compared to focus panels, discussion groups, studies and surveys, the cost difference is staggering. Through user engagement and discussion, your social media research also serves as advertising, brand building, network building, lead generation and offers numerous other improvements for your business or brand. When planned and implemented properly, few market research tools offer the cost efficiency and overall benefit of social media research.From reduced costs and real-time access to information to the ability to uncover hidden trends and improve your marketing approach, social media offers powerful ways to optimize the market research efforts of any business.
Best of all, social media research offers numerous ways to interact with your market and build your business.
Conducting research is as simple as signing up for a social media service, such as LinkedIn or Twitter, and utilizing their built-in search features.

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