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132 anesthesiology residency program directors in the United States; 13-item survey including dichotomous and multiple choice responses was administered using an online survey tool and a paper survey.
This is because social media disrupts how people communicate with each other within organizations but also outside; policies guiding its effective use are increasingly needed in the workplace. Policies governing social networking practices were in place for 30.3% (n=20) of the programs' hospitals.
Residency program directors should be encouraged to become familiar with the professionalism issues related to social media use in order to serve as adequate resident mentors within this new and problematic aspect of medical ethics and professionalism.
Disciplining social media: an analysis of social media policies in 26 Swedish municipalities.
Social media policy on campus: a case study of the development and implementation of a social media policy for university administrators, faculty, and staff.

Higher education and emerging technologies: Student usage, preferences and lessons for library services. At a time when mobile devices and smartphones are everywhere social media is used in ways that radically change our information practices and behaviours. The majority of program directors (81.8%, 54) reported never having had an incident involving reprimand of a resident or fellow for inappropriate social networking practices. No where is this more apparent than in information-based organizations such as archives, libraries and even health organizations. The majority (66.7%, n=44) of responding programs reported that departments did not provide lectures or educational activities related to appropriate social networking practices.
In the past, it was common to wait weeks to speak to someone about a medical issue but now patients seek answers on the Internet, asking for assistance from peers on health 2.0 websites.

As more organizations draft social media policies to guide users through this new digital-social world, more discussion will be needed to respect personal boundaries that break down because of social media sharing. One of the concomitant challenges in this era is how to create a social media policy that is useful yet does not become restrictive.

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