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The most common type of social media integration with email marketing is the use of social media icons in the header or footer of an email template. Imagine if in a B2C email the ‘shop now’ call to action was a single small picture of a shopping cart at the top or bottom of the email. This email from LinkedIn does a great job of focusing on getting customers to promote LinkedIn in their social networks.
A great touch in both of these emails is use of Twitter Web Intents to offer a ready made Tweet. See how it works, to Tweet the pre-made tweet below click, review the message and then confirm. These further examples from Sony, Sephora and Dorothy Perkins are good examples of putting much more focus in the email to drive social media activity. Generating leads using social media doesn’t happen instantly, like all other social media results. Either give a lot more focus to social in the email or just get someone to your landing page and use strategies on the landing page to engage them in social activity.
Social Media has probably the greatest role in reducing the distances among people, no matter in which corner of the world they live.

The message is pre-defined, the customer just needs to click, review the message and confirm to Tweet it.
Don’t forget the other opportunities too, such as using your social media networks to drive email address signups. It takes a bit of effort, and the bigger and better your social media profiles are, the better the chances that you will generate more leads.Thanks for sharing this article Tim! I love to share useful information with the people and prove my level best to provide quality stuff on my website. If the social share icon click rate is 0.25% and say it takes 250 social shares to get a new customer. My main contention is with the many experts and blog posts that advise putting social sharing icons in email is a must do item, the advice is misleading at best. This way of communication and interaction is very beneficial for all of us in every field whether it is video conferencing for business matters or a usual chit chat with the friends and family members and sharing of entertainment stuff.
This means in a campaign of 100,000 emails just one new customer is acquired, growing the customer database by 0.001%. Social media has proved to be very effective and efficient in the promotion of your business and brands.

Whilst every customer counts the point is that the typical social share icons are not going to make a big impact on your marketing success.
Social media has opened up new avenues for the endorsements and the brands have progressed so much that one can’t believe that it can just happen so easily by publicizing over several social media. The promotions have been seen producing outstanding results and acquiring publicity and fame.
You can promote your websites via social media, your blogs and grasp the viewers and admires and followers for your product. Social media icons are present on all the websites so that you can share the stuff with others via this social media. I have collected various outstanding designs of social media icons for my viewers and especially the designers.

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