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The rise of social media is a worldwide phenomenon, and people are using many languages to interact online. The Rosette linguistics platform enables social media monitoring tools to identify language of incoming feeds, analyze sentences for sentiment analysis, extract entities for metadata, and improve search results.
Social media content aggregators can offer a more rewarding experience to subscribers with Rosette’s document clustering.
With English now making up only about 40 percent of global social media postings, it is becoming increasingly important for our customers to access business and market insights hidden in non-English conversations.
Sprout Social allows you to monitor your business efficiently and effectively and help manage&grow your social presence across different platforms. Sysomos collects data from blogs, Twitter, social networks, messages, boards, wikis and major news sources. Monitoring traffic sources: Tracking which keywords are driving the most traffic to your website is essential.
In this article, we’ll go through 3 analytic tools to help improve your results on social media. There are many monitoring tools available, but many either are very expensive or have limitations.
Set up alerts for your brand, keywords and competitors and view these within the application, social media or via email or text-based alerts. Displays the source of each mention within the user interface so you don’t have to click off to other sites and open additional windows. Mention takes information from a broad range of resources (not just social media) and shows you the breakdown of where your mentions come from.
Mention gathers information from a wide variety of sources and shows you the breakdown of where the mentions come from, so you can filter the list to a specific source.
For registration, provide your basic details or sign up via one of your social media accounts.
Registration with Mention can be completed if you use your email address or register through your social media profiles. Indicate the sources you want to keep an eye on, block sites from your search and finally choose if you want to make use of some of the more advanced technology features. LikeAlyzer is a very simple (and free) tool to assess your Facebook Page and provides suggestions to improve it. The analytics for your Facebook Page provided by Facebook can be very useful, but also can be confusing.
Social Crawlytics is a free tool that analyzes how popular or unpopular content is on a website. You can find out what content is shared most on social media on a competitor’s website.
When Social Crawlytics goes through a website, it picks out all of the blog posts and displays these posts in order of popularity on social media channels.
In the example above, the post related to 30 social media experts making predictions had 5332 shares on Twitter. Tip: While this is not currently a feature of Social Crawlytics, you should also try to discover the influencers who helped share this content.
Ian Cleary is the social media tools guy for Social Media Examiner and founder of Razorsocial. We’re developing a more agile content marketing strategy for our business this year, and these tools seem like they could provide some help in the effort!
Hi Ian, currently I do not use any tools to measure, however your article has definitely given food for thought. Ian, I am impressed about the in depth explanations you took the time to deliver to your readers. Many brands are jumping into the social media bandwagon these days and are experimenting with things, that’s a fact. Having said that, monitoring social media is not the regular analytics stuff, that’s where many go wrong.
Ridian6 is a popular social media monitoring tool that helps you track quite a lot of signals and get insights into your brands performance on various social media channels. Self-service analytics software supports both qualitative and quantitative research, providing automated semantic analytics to allow you to explore insights and opinions about your products and brands on social media.
Spiral16′s spark takes social media analytics to a higher level, making it visual and thus making it easy to interpret and compare.
Basically what attentio does is collect information from all social media channels related to brands and products, assimilate and study it to give you structured data. DNA 13′s media monitoring tool focuses more on a comprehensive media coverage model much like a PR tool. Thanks for including Radian6 in your list We’re always happy to chat about how to measure the ROI of your efforts in social media, as well as how social media monitoring can be tied into things like CRM systems or web analytics programs.

On the qualitative side these tools are good at burbling up the main topics by using textual analysis. Nice list, very detailed and almost complete I recently built a social media monitoring tool myself.
I believe none of these tool are made available free for use but its great to have this list for future use. I?m trying to learn as much as possible about Socia Media monitoring and have problems with the enormous amount of solutions and platforms out there.
Also, you might want to take a look at Synthesio, an international monitoring and research tool and service. WP-Stats-Dashboard is a free wordpress plugin that retrieves social metrics from over 50 sites and displays them on your WordPress dashboard.
Social media monitoring applications can then filter data based on entities in the metadata. We’ve continued to refine and hone our linguistic software components to meet the new wave of language challenges inherent in social media analysis. Social media can be an excellent tool to build a community around your product or service, expand your target market, and to listen to what your customers want. It can also be out of budget for many businesses to employ an expert or any of the robust reporting tools that are available. Social Mention pulls data from hundred + social media platforms to give you the most accurate, real-time information landscape in real-time. It’s easy to use and allows you to organize and execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.
Sprout Social integrates with Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, FourSquare and other networks where your target market could be engaging with businesses similar to yours. Google Analytics presents data that will let you analyse the top ten countries that visit your page.
With Google Alerts, you can be instantly notified when and where any bad content was placed on any social media platform and be able to respond accordingly.
It is especially important to interact with customers through social media platforms and analyse any areas of their social media platforms that need to be improved and essentially keep up to this on this very fast paced environment. I don’t know how many routinely think of Google Alerts and Google Analytics as social media monitoring tools, but certainly the potential of neither of these should be forgotten. They compete with Sysomos and have similar analytics but we like the way they present it much better.
I use Hootsuite to monitor my social media accounts but as a online marketer i want to recommend 3 more tools here. SocialPilot: Very less people know about this tool but this is something very innovative tool. You set up alerts based on keywords, and content related to those keywords is displayed through the Mention application or sent to you via email or social media.
This contains a lot of posts for social media marketers who would like to know more of the basics. Although the tool is free, there is a restriction on how much you can use it within any one week. For example, the report on Social Media Examiner’s website at a crawl depth of 2 took about 10 minutes. I’ve checked out LikeAlyzer first among the 3 tools you mentioned and the result was really quite interesting especially the recommendations.
And yes because, there are brands and products who needs numbers and obviously results, for getting social.
The thing is, in social media the action is elsewhere and not necessarily does reflect on your site referral stats all the time.
Scout Labs social media monitoring tool is web based, and with an interface like Google Analytics it tracks almost all the online social media channels. It picks up signals from social media mentions and puts them into a different perspective unlike others.
It analyzes social media channels for your brand mentions and puts them into perspective with numbers. They claim that the data is not the regular one, not limited to RSS feeds as a data source, instead combines proprietary crawler technology with public search engines. The tool provides real-time intelligence to manage products, brands and reputations on social media. You’re right, more than measuring, social media trends and progress, they needs to be studied.
In addition to MAP, Sysomos also provides Heartbeat, a social media and monitoring service. With this tool you can track and monitor in 1 click of a button, your website social media exposure on more than 20 top social media sites.

Thought you may also want to add Brandtology to the list of social media monitoring solutions.
Be it for advertising planning, marketing strategy, product development or fine-tuning of ongoing campaigns, social media data is invaluable to astute companies out there.
You basically have a utility to track social network account performance just the same way you do with websites.
Social media monitoring helps in knowing the complete analytics of any social media channel. Follows all social channels like twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, etc of any brand and it’s competitors. I invite you to try Omllion, it is a newest social media monitoring and a leading one in India. Many applications have been developed to ingest and analyze the data from various social media sources. The number of items in a group can also indicate trending topics and product, or expose incidents of social media spamming. Contact us for a free evaluation of how Rosette can make your social media analysis software internationally ready. We chose Rosette because its accuracy and performance enables us to broaden the global coverage of our technology to discover insights from social media conversations in other languages. Our digital forensics team pioneers faster and cheaper techniques to extract forensic evidence, leveraging the Autopsy open source platform. Other useful tools on Sprout Social are contact management, competitive insight, lead generation, analytics.
You have described the social media monitoring tools perfectly so people can decide which suits them. SocialClout is complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. SocialClout is a complete suite of tools that help Businesses to manage their social media marketing and monitoring initiatives. All you need to configure your social media accounts and on the bases of sharing and social media engagement this will count your social media reputation.
Using such tools should be a wake-up call that not just anyone should be monitoring your social media pages. You could use a tool called Topsy to identify the key influencers who share the most popular content. I also signed up for Social Crawlytics and quite frankly, I’m not looking forward to those reports. It provides detailed analytics reports and charts, perfect for that presentation you want to pull off.
It finds you details about reputation, media origin and sentiments associated to your brand. Their data sources include everything from Blogs to Microblogs, Search, Social Networks and even Video. As I said, most of them do the same job of indexing and finding your brand in the discussions, but the ones that excel do a good job at finding value out of those analytics data, and putting things to perspective. It offers real-time monitoring and analytics of social media, online news, forums, etc (7 categories of media). And our tool has automatic sentiment and tone which provides some very interesting information on customer service, product development, and feelings about advertisements.
MAP is an analytics and in-depth reporting tool for agencies looking to meet the needs of multiple clients, as well as companies that want to monitor a wide variety of products and services.
It Includes Monitoring, Listening, Engagement workflow, Social Media Analytics and Social Media lead generation and competitve analysis. In fact it might sell, but just that the numbers might not look round as in an SEO analytics report.
I’d like to see more tools coming up that focuses on the second part rather than the numbers. Infegy’s Social Radar Alerts provide brand marketers with a “hands-off” approach to staying on top of what is being said about their brand or any important topic across the social web. Rosette quickly integrates with social media applications to give developers a head start in analyzing multilingual data from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.
Would appreciate your feedback.This tool would be a great asset to the marketing teams of small businesses because it is rich in feature and competitive in pricing.

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