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Social Media Management Systems, like CMS systems for websites, these SMMS systems (see list of all vendors) help companies manage, maintain, and measure thousands of social media accounts, are the next growth market for the social business category. Just a year ago, we saw the rise of the new category Social Media Management Systems, (I must give credit to Cisco’s Social Strategist LaSandra Brill for giving me the kick to start it). This toolset is an attractive addition to existing direct marketing platforms like email marketing suites that are used to publish thousands of emails to customers on a daily basis. The social media service industry knows they must be value added beyond strategy and community management.
Not at this time but adoption rates per industry X deal size helps to arrive at some of those estimates.
The market for IT consulting services consists of six main disciplines: IT Advisory, ERP Services, Data Analytics, Software Management, Systems Integration and Enterprise Architecture. The market for IT consulting services is estimated to be worth $48.2 billion, which comes down to approximately 21% of the global consulting market.
Note that the definitions applied for IT consulting play a central role in the size assigned to the market. While saturation is at 58% of corporate buyers, the average deal size is a meager $22,000 but will expect to grow to six figure annual deals in coming quarters to meet market demand.

To understand the macro trends of this industry, read with the Social Business Stack, which shows SMMS as only a component of the overall purchase set for corporations. While there was significant relative increase in deal sizes the overall average annual deal size per corporate was $14,000 in 2010 and rose to $22,000 in 2011 according to our research of 140 corporate buyers.
For corporations with over $10 billion in revenues, the deal sizes ballooned to $68,000 per year on average, demonstrating that the larger corporations need these tools in order to manage their hundreds of accounts.
We’ve already started to see verticals appear, such as GOSO for the Automotive dealer space, and expect this to continue in specific markets like hospitality, restaurants, travel, CPG, and Retail. Mainly focused on platform development, and also being discouraged by investors to add services to the mix, most of these vendors lack the staff to serve a corporate buyer who needs a high degree of hand holding in social business. These early platforms are focused on management of the social channels, and most do not have strong analytics and reporting technologies. Expect market saturation to hit 90% range in three years, and average deal sizes to exceed $100k per year on average corporation –just as the Community Platform space have experienced over the past five years.
I saw this trend before with the $25-50k deal sizes with community platforms about 5 years ago and have watched them balloon to $200k-300k for advanced and larger corporations on an annual basis. The IT consulting segment contains both advisory and implementation services, although the latter represents the overlarge majority of the market's size.

Analysts typically distinguish between three types of IT consulting firms: the large global players that specialise in Information Technology, firms that have a separate IT consulting unit and niche IT players - local players that either focus on a specific discipline or market. Overall the outlook remains for IT consulting positive though, mainly the result of interest in large technology trends such as social media, analytics, mobile and cloud. Other analysts typically apply a broader definition, and therefore they value IT consulting at between 40% to 50% of the market*. Buyers and investors should focus on vendors that understand business –not just technology, offer services and reliable SLA, and deep integration with other social systems. In the future, this technology set will mature to grow into a data company that will extend it’s scope beyond simple Facebook and Twitter and impact how marketers approach the market, product innovation, and supply chain. Other places to watch for acquisitions will be social commerce platforms, as well as marketing automation platforms as they must spread into this space at a rapid pace to glean the revenues.

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