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A major newspaper group we are working with, are looking for a Freelance Social Media Analyst, to assess, monitor and draw insights from their social media data. An established Social Media Intelligence & Data Agency in London with a terrific array of leading clients are looking for a highly experienced and educated Social Media Analyst to lead a team of researchers with key influencer mapping, data reports production, social media insights and tracking mentions and sentiment. You will be someone with 4+ years Social Analyst experience, and have a healthy respect for quality data and insights for most accurate client reports. As a Social media analysts you will be responsible for creating and maintaining Your White Room's presence on social media sites, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and company blogs.

You will also monitor emerging social media tools and platforms to see how they can be incorporated into Your White Room's business, marketing and public relation strategies.
Duties:You will use your creativity and marketing skills to help generate brand awareness, sales and promote customer service through the social media networks. As a one of a kind service you will be challenged to think out of the box and be as creative as possible.You will study trends in social media, research popular social media platforms, study emerging social media tools and observe how often those platforms and tools are used. You will study the audience that the business is attempting to reach and offer ideas on how social media will work best for them.

Gabriel will be speaking about measuring marketing success on Instagram at Social Media Measurement & Monitoring, 26-27 March in London.

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