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These days, social media has a powerful presence over nearly every aspect of our lives, and it can be difficult to access entry level advertising jobs. Social media is changing the rules of the game in terms of how products and services are advertised and marketed.
According to Jeff Bullas, a leading blogger on social media and at the top of advertising job titles, it’s likely that social search will play an increasingly dominant role in advertising jobs. According to recent research, people who shop using Pinterest are spending more at a greater frequency and buying more products than those who use the other five highest ranking social media sites.
The amount of time people spend on mobile devices using apps and accessing the web make up 63 percent of the yearly growth in the total time people spent on social media. The most successful companies in the social media world are the ones that go out of their way to engage customers. It’s very likely that the most effective campaigns we see on social media this year will be the ones that are paid. LinkedIn, the social networking site where professionals gather, has been equally influential in the changing face of advertising jobs.
Regarding social media as a channel separate from your other marketing endeavors can really hinder your success; when you do this, you’re giving your customer a fragmented experience.

Average Social Media Advertising Specialist salaries for job postings in San Diego, CA are 1% higher than average Social Media Advertising Specialist salaries for job postings nationwide. 10 Job Titles and Descriptions for Social Media PositionsHere is a list of the 10 social media job titles and descriptions for various responsibilities and social media activities. Social Media Planner: Develops proposals for digital advertisers, coordinates with media team regarding inventory, and may also manage media across mobile, web and email platforms. Social Media Analyst: The analyst communicates the results and trends of marketing campaigns to internal agencies and possibly directly to clients. Social Media Coordinator: Coordinates marketing events with online activity and tracks the analytics of social media influence, more commonly associated with twitter and other social media distribution channels.
Employers and recruiters using social media, especially LinkedIn, will not be news to many people. Facebook even jumped on the bandwagon when they rolled out their graph search, an updated search engine which relies on socially based signals to generate results that are more personalized and relevant. Clearly, mobile devices are taking center stage as the number one way we get information, whether it’s social or not. Those involved in marketing and advertising should learn how to use the paid tools on Facebook and Twitter now so they’ll have a head start on their competitors.

LinkedIn recognizes how effective images and media can be, so it made video advertisements a part of the platform in August of 2012.
Social media interaction and email interaction go hand in hand, so it only makes sense to integrate them. Great Island, the technology based company, saw a 650 percent jump in the generation of leads through social networks once they revamped their strategic approach to emphasize leads. People who work in marketing and advertising jobs need to strive for more in-depth, intellectual interactions.
This means those involved in marketing and advertising jobs are primarily concerned with how the content they’ve created can be optimized for mobile use.
Along those same lines, Twitter has gone public and is also aggressively taking strides towards paid advertising.
What may be news is that social media is now establishing itself as a media for professionals to use proactively in their search for a job.

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