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According to a new research, social media has become a more-than-important component in the life of a brand manager or advertiser. Waggener Edstrom Communications (WE), an integrated communications agency recently conducted a survey asking respondents their association with their favorite brand over the social media & the response is overwhelmingly positive. 97% of the Indian respondents enthusiastically follow their favorite brands on social channels. The phenomenon of actively seeking out brands & their respective pages or accounts is a direct result of the growing prominence of social media portals.

The real challenge for social media just like for other digital media advertising or marketing initiatives is the ROI.
72% of the Indian consumers surveyed, follow their favorite healthcare brand on social media. But the survey clearly shows how deeply enamored, social media users in India are about their favorite bands. More and more people are signing up on social networking sites and spending more time online as well.

It tracks the growth of social media in India in the last 5 years and also gives a peek into the future of social media in the country. Interestingly, Indian travel & tourism segment doesn’t have that high a following at just 68%, but nonetheless, companies involved in this line of business too, have benefited from an active presence on the social web.

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