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And we’ve been doing social media community management for clients across multiple platforms for many years. This presentation gives an overview of how Collabor's clients use the SaaS software to better understand, engage, manage and grow their existing client base.
Keep in mind, too, that you should avoid using a work email address when signing up for company social media accounts. The more people who have access to your company’s social accounts, the greater the chance those accounts may be compromised.
LogDog checks for suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your online accounts and sends an alert to your phone so you can take back control of compromised accounts. If you want to minimize the risk to multiple accounts, there are tools you can use to manage access to your company’s social accounts. The application closely monitors your online accounts, continuously scanning for a variety of unauthorized-access indicators. Make sure that you install antivirus and security protection software on all of your devices. Safety and security, especially for your social media accounts, is one of the biggest concerns for businesses today.

Your company’s social media account passwords are what stand between you and unscrupulous hackers. Another important factor in the protection of your social accounts and your online presence is knowing how to identify threats, especially through links in emails, tweets, posts and online advertising, as these are often the way cybercriminals and hackers access and ultimately compromise devices. Having antivirus and security software installed on your mobile devices and computers is the best defense against viruses, malware and other online threats. One way to keep tabs on access to your social accounts is to install an intrusion detection system on your mobile devices. It’s essential that you learn about and use the privacy and security settings on Facebook or any other social networks you use. The app currently will monitor Facebook, Gmail, Evernote, Yahoo and Dropbox accounts, but the company plans to add more social platforms in the future. Your work email address may be accessible to outside parties on your organization’s contact page or advertisements, which could make it easier for someone to hack your account. If a hacker attempts to gain access to any of your accounts, you’ll receive an alert that there is unauthorized access, allowing you to take back control of your accounts as soon as possible.
It can serve as your own personal mobile security system for your company’s online accounts.

LastPass takes the hassle out of continuously logging in, while simultaneously ensuring online security of your accounts.
This type of app will detect suspicious activity and unauthorized access to your online accounts.
These settings help you securely manage your online experience, and control who sees what you post from your account. They can beef up security by making sure that account passwords are changed on a regular basis. In addition to protecting your accounts from hacking, you need to monitor employee access to your accounts and secure your account passwords. If you don’t change your account passwords frequently, you may not have any idea how many current or former employees have access to your company’s social accounts.

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