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This book is like having two very tolerant and technologically savvy friends sit down with you and share their wisdom and experience about social media tactics. Social Media is a critical asset today for small businesses to grow and engage with their audience, even at a local level. We’ve created a small reference piece below of what to think about when looking at your social media strategy. In order to know what to post, you firstly need to understand why you are using social media to market your business and what your end goal is. Social media companies like Facebook are cracking down on promotions and ‘gimmicky’ content pieces e.g. Use free social media tools to manage and schedule multiple posts.HootSuite is the most popular social media management tool for a reason.

Finally, understand that social is a mindset, and it’s about easily integrating with your other efforts and simply getting out there and getting started. However, a lot feel they don’t have the time, resources or even skill-set to think about social media.
But if you don’t have a large enough audience on social media, you can’t justify spending the time, or resources. Although social media managing tools make it easy to post content on multiple sites, you don’t have to be everywhere and everything to everyone.
Understand why you are using social media to market your business and what your end goal is. Social media is about asking questions, building excitement and getting the conversation around your product, service or company started.

It’s directly placing other peoples work on your social sites through liking, promoting etc. Have an overarching strategy to social media that goes beyond engagement in that moment, but provides real long-term value to your business.

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