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One of the places a social media marketer should start looking into first should be LinkedIn.
Don’t let the results you see from your social media marketing campaign discourage you from working on it even more.
I have listed some key social media tips and tricks to get you going on on the social networks and improve your marketing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.
I could go through and list all the things you need to do to optimise your LinkedIn profile but I have covered some of it in this blog and also found this great infographic on how to create a kick-ass Linkedin profile from Melonie Dodaro. Tips, News & Special OffersGet your MONTHLY MIX of tips and news on digital marketing and social media PLUS exclusive offers! So, in light of that, the topic of this blog post will be about social networks for business.
When on Facebook, it’s important to remember that Facebook is the epitome of what social networks are. Social media is something that takes much time and effort, something you should be willing to invest.

You can also take a look at the presentation that follows which gives you a visual view of the points I mention below along with graphics and screenshots to provide further explanation. If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment below (simply sign in via Twitter, Facebook or Google and post your comments).
She loves mixing the creative with the technical - from designing an advert to building a website - and takes an integrated approach to marketing to help businesses grow online.
I need to write shorter tweets, optimise my LI profile and reclaim my Google place – and probably a million other things! These are chosen randomly from their list of skills, so make sure the skills you list on your profile are ones you want to show up and be endorsed for.
As well as working on projects, Karen offers Talks, Training & Consultancy on social media and online marketing.
It’s this question which many social media marketers fail to ask themselves, and thus end up seeing less than desired results from their social media marketing campaigns. Since LinkedIn is a place for business professionals, a marketer can stick to the old business lingo and keep their business persona on.

And with Google being the search engine giant that it is, it’s going to be a grueling battle between SEO specialists. Well then, go and pull them out of that room and get them working on infographics you can post on Pinterest.
As such, we present to you some of the top social networks and how a marketer should utilize them to get results they want.
Image SEO is one thing that’s slowly catching on, so you should make use of it before it becomes a full blown and well-known marketing tactic. Well, you’re going to have to find that out for yourself since the crowd you’re marketing will always be different.
So be social on Facebook, and less business-like because promoting your products and services like the world’s lifespan depended on it is surely not going to do you any good.

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