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Organized by 31 members, the Committee on Sukoyaka Family 21 has extensively studied the vision of maternal and child healthcare in the 21st century.
In compiling these reports, we tried to avoid abstract expressions as far as possible, with the aim of producing specific output based on the standpoint of maternal and child healthcare. That there be healthy and happy parents and children is not only the hope of individual families but the hope of society as a whole.

Social marketing is an applied science regarding merchandise development and sales and consumer relationship building, which was originally created and developed in the field of economics. We hope that these reports will be used as the basis of a national campaign aimed at realizing communities in which priority is given to child healthcare, appropriate support is provided for children during adolescence, thoughtful consideration is given to parents as well as couples facing infertility, and appropriate support is provided to child development whether the children are healthy, disabled, or suffering from disease, and to their parents.

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