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Achieve the needs of society requires that the organization understands that it also involves satisfying the demands of consumers, and also worry about the environment.
Sustainability presented here is concerned about the future based on three dimensions: Society, Economy and Environment.
My name is Liliana and today I am going to defend my Thesis about the synergy of sustainability and societal marketing to increase the competitive advantage and present a case study of a Brazilian Company Natura Cosmetics. The main point of this, is manage the sustainability in synergy with societal marketing with competence and responsibility increasing the competitive advantage.

For this reason it employs the Societal Marketing Concept instead of the traditionally used Selling Concept as a marketing strategy.
It also utilizes the Corporate Social Responsibility model as one of the fundamental tools for the company to develop its business.
This thesis not only emphasizes Societal Marketing and Sustainability as two disconnected scopes; it also highlights the synergy between them.
Understanding the essential need of synergy and the application with Sustainability and Societal Marketing this study forges a Sustainability Sweet Spot.

This synergy between Sustainability and Societal Marketing works in real companies by achieving new products and management methods, as shown in a case study of Natura Cosmetics, a successful Brazilian Company that a leads its industry.

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