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When the new NYC teen pregnancy prevention ad campaign came out, all of us at the CLRJ office took a collective sigh.
While the initial discovery of this new ad campaign drew out frustrations and anger that probably can’t be captured by words, we decided to carve out space to write down what this campaign stirred in all of us and why we as advocates need to continue pushing back. Below are some responses from CLRJ staff and an alumna from our Latinas Empowered for Action (LEA) program.
Our words are among many responses that see how troubling and problematic an approach like the NYC Human Resources Administration’s campaign is for pregnant and parenting youth. This entry was posted in Blog and tagged Justice for Young Families Initiative, love, NYC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ad campaign, pregnant & parenting youth, shame, stigma, support, teen pregnancy, young dads, young parents, Youth Sexuality by MDuran. The King's Fund calls for more innovation in public health approaches that have tended to focus only information and communication campaigns (the 5% solution) or just offering financial incentives. Anderson, an expert at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at Manchester University, was about to send the gloomiest dispatch yet from the frontline of the war against climate change. Bob Watson, chief scientist at the Environment Department and a former head of the IPCC, warned this year that the world needed to prepare for a 4C rise, which would wipe out hundreds of species, bring extreme food and water shortages in vulnerable countries and cause floods that would displace hundreds of millions of people. A report for the Australian government this autumn suggested that the 450ppm goal is so ambitious that it could wreck attempts to agree a new global deal on global warming at Copenhagen next year. Henry Derwent, former head of the UK's international climate negotiating team and now president of the International Emissions Trading Association, said a new climate treaty was unlikely to include a stabilisation goal - either 450ppm or 550ppm. The escalating scale of human emissions could not have come at a worst time, as scientists have discovered that the Earth's forests and oceans could be losing their ability to soak up carbon pollution.

A separate study published this year showed the ability of forests to soak up anthropogenic carbon dioxide - that caused by human activity - was weakening, because the changing length of the seasons alters the time when trees switch from being a sink of carbon to a source. The region, the largest frozen peat bog in the world, had begun to melt for the first time since it formed 11,000 years ago. Earlier this year, Jim Hansen, senior climate scientist with Nasa, published a paper that said the world's carbon targets needed to be urgently revised because of the risk of feedbacks in the climate system. Blog that publishes text and some graphics on topics related to social marketing and social change issues.
By treating pregnancy solely as a personal choice, without taking into consideration the external factors that may be leading to this choice, we fail to appreciate how parenting for some youth is not so much a failure of “good-decision making” but a tacit recognition of the limited possibilities available to them.
The battle against dangerous climate change had been lost, and the world needed to prepare for things to get very, very bad. Line after line, representing the fumes that belch from chimneys, exhausts and jet engines, that should have bent in a rapid curve towards the ground, were heading for the ceiling instead.
Britain's Climate Change Act 2008, the most ambitious legislation of its kind in the world, calls for reductions of about 3% each year to 2050.
In the meantime, the cost of excessive focus on an unlikely goal could consign to history any opportunity to lock in an agreement for stabilising at 550ppm - a more modest, but still difficult, international outcome. Time and time again, pregnant and parenting youth are seen as society’s “failures,” “unfit caregivers” and “bad” influences on other youth.
Ask for projections around the dinner table after a few bottles of wine and more vote for 650ppm than 450ppm as the more likely outcome.

The World Meteorological Organisation recently reported the largest annual rise of methane levels in the atmosphere for a decade. Hansen has suggested a joint review by Britain's Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences of all research findings since the IPCC report.
I feel social marketing truly can and does provide an umbrella for people with various expertise across a range of fields to approach public health and well-being.
However, here at CLRJ, our work with our Justice for Young Families Initiative has proven the opposite. Moloney Prologue: At a time when the Clinton administration isSocial media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. What I hope to see (in the short term) are a couple of virtual household meetings of social marketers about social marketing and the health agenda for the new administration.
Innovation and new ideas are what will move us out of the lethargy, and some will argue the retrograde motion, of the past decade in public health and social change.

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