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Hello Adamthanks for clarify this, actually I'm applying some competitive analysis with simplymeasured on our main properties and all the time the engagement results is higher than PTAT.
With a growing focus on social media, digital channels and mobile devices putting the power in the hands of billions of global consumers, brands are empowered to tap into social media to foster engagement with the social consumers for brand experience. Let your consumers help you build brand awareness, engagement, and loyalty through social media. Admin Posts By Type: This visualization has changed dramatically, allowing a clear side-by-side picture of your engagement and total use of each post type, allowing you to focus on the type of content that is driving the most engagement. Community Health: This section now shows your fan growth over time with a callout of your largest growth in fans. Top Posts and Top Comments: These sections are now sortable by type of engagement when viewing in Excel. This week, Simply Measured was included in an exclusive list of only 14 companies Twitter recognizes as industry leading services that they are committed to promoting and working with. To analyze Organic Likes further, you can segmented Like Sources to identify whether Likes occurred on your page, from a social plugin, third party app, etc. When Facebook advertising is being implemented, it becomes more difficult to report on audience growth that is being driven organically. Segmenting Paid Likes from Total Likes allows you to accurately report on community growth while still being able to identify trends in organic growth. Organic growth trends can be used to identify successful tactics for building your audience. When it comes to your audience on Facebook, there are far more important metrics than the number of fans your page has. I thinkthe article is a bit confusing simply because we are using PTAT's definition from faceook and engagement rate's definition from simply measured.
Understandably, with this growth comes a growing pressure to deliver results that consumers have come to expect from brands. You should make these as essentials to your brand-building marketing and mobile strategy; after all, social media in the growing digital world has fundamentally changed how consumers engage with brands and how they share this experience with others. Social consumers like to interact with brands that provide them with opportunities to interact.

Capture your social consumers’ attention by sharing your latest and greatest news, announcements, and branded promotion within these micro-blogging platforms. These channels offer a platform for your brand to engage in a two-way dialogue with your fans and followers about your products, services, events, and company news. Social consumers are opinionated, habitual, vocal informants who like to share their experience, followings, and post reviews. The first section is a high level overview of your report period, including your admin activity, fan breakdown and engagement summary, and top content callout. Most brands devote at least a portion of their social media budget to advertising on the network.
For social media marketers, it is important to understand the impact of paid advertising and avoid attributing Paid Likes to successful community management tactics.
Segmenting fan growth also makes it possible to calculate benchmarks and set goals based on your Facebook advertising budget. It's my job to deliver content in a way that engages and informs social media professionals. Typically, engagement is an aggregate measure of content interactions which give us a consistent way to compare networks, campaigns, or communities.
To survive and thrive in a highly competitive social space, brands are now using the social consumers and brand experience to stay abreast of customer needs, market trends and breaking news requiring attention and action. Social media and mobile apps empower the social consumers to use search engine and word of mouth for brand discovery. Run multiple engagement apps to give your consumers different ways to engage with your brand and a variety of activities when they get to your social pages. Their sharing can result in someone new from their network of family, friends, fans, followers, etc.
There’s an immense extension of reach and engagement with communities within social media outlets. The direction of a social program was guided by your gut, and social media investment was difficult to justify.
You would think that PTAT correlates with engagement metrics, but that isn't always the case.

If you have not fully adopted and integrated social media into your overall marketing or are not yet convinced such adoption and integration will be a good return on your investment, take note and begin the journey to unlimited potentials. Supercharge your brand’s media presence by incorporating the above four impressions into your social media profile. If you're adding PTAT to your social media KPIs, it’s important to know what drives PTAT and the often disconnect from engagement. Take a look at any brand’s Facebook page that consistently activating brand advocates, fans, followers, campaign participants, etc. Through creating content and sharing of their experience, social consumers, as your brand advocacy, act on behalf of your brand. Use every available opportunity and technology to stimulate interactions with your social consumers, encouraging them to take action. Brand sharing generates or earns you media impressions when additional consumers learn the information via their news feed.
It will show you the power of the consumers and the fast, far-reaching, transparent and viral nature of social media. Notice how they’re using the first 12 visible tabs to create various, fun interaction points for their fans.
This has a smoothing effect on the data as you can see above when compared to the main underlying drivers (content engagement and page likes).Rapid Fan Growth Skews PTAT vs.
Court your fans and followers in all the places that they spend their time – Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, etc. Your brand would need to create and build relationships through social media channels and digital means in order to drive advocates to speak highly of your brand. Pages that grow fans like crazy but do not keep pace with engageming content, we see PTAT trend up and engagement rates fall.

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