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If you’re looking for software tools that can help your group collaborate, you’ll find a lot of options. These options are all very different from each other, but each has notable strengths and weaknesses when it comes to supporting collaboration.
First off, let’s run through the types of collaboration tools that might be helpful to you based on the different working scenarios your situation may present. Existing Social Networking Sites—online networking sites, like Facebook or MySpace, where users can create profiles and connect with others. Collaborative Documents—users share and edit documents online, either over time or in real-time, in a tool like Google Docs. If your group is going to be working together over a period of time, it can be worthwhile to set up more-sophisticated collaboration environments.

Online Project Management Tools—users share documents, calendars, tasks and structured conversations, using software like Basecamp or Central Desktop. Wiki—a collaborative Web site, where all who can view can also edit, using a tool like Confluence or MediaWiki. Best way to choose a Team Collaboration Software is that by checking, Once you set up a writing task for yourself, you can share it with other group members when it is ready for editing or feedback.
Increasingly, the market trend is towards solutions which integrate the collaboration tools you mention above - online conferencing, project management, wikis, email, shared docs - in a single solution.
Some of these collaboration methods require almost no setup—just pick up a phone or fill out a quick screen and you’re ready to go. Quinn directs Idealware’s research and writing to provide candid reports and articles about nonprofit software.

Arkadin is a leading global Collaboration Service Provider offering a complete range of remote collaboration solutions from audio, web and video conferencing to Unified Communications. Others require days or weeks of planning, especially to define the processes needed to ensure successful collaboration. Don’t underestimate the work needed to train users and get them to buy in on software that requires them to use unfamiliar tools or change their current processes.
Think through your needs, hold them up against the available options, and you’ll find the software package that can support true and useful collaboration on your own terms.

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