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When you buy social ads, you not only get the clicks you pay for, but you also receive the free impressions and clicks from users sharing your ads with their networks.
Social ads also gain their strength from the nearly infinite number of times they can be both seen and shared, amplifying your message and strengthening consumers connection to the brand. Social media is fast becoming a bigger part of the ad buying efforts of brands and agencies across the globe, and for good reason. Created by Unified Social, the 'Brief History of Social Advertising' infographic starts at 2002 and takes a quick glance at the changes in modes and methods of social media marketing until 2013. Considering this advertising method did not exist a decade ago, the fast-paced progress social advertising has made to market brands to the public on a global scale is an impressive feat that is incomparable to other more traditional modes of advertisement.

Promote your brand, products and sites to a wide range of targeted consumers in real time via social networking.
Spread your messages on twitter, personal facebook accounts and facebook fan pages of social media influencers, celebrities and topic experts. Social media influencers and topic experts start a discussion with their followers, friends and fans about your brand, products and sites. Select your target audience from a wide range of social media experts and opinion makers in your niche.
Extensive traffic stats and click reports help you to optimize your social media advertising campaigns and improve your ROI.

Manage multiple social media accounts from one user interface, ideal for agencies who manage many clients.

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