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It is basically a social need without which the actual needs of a customer can’t be satisfied. October 2, 2009 aparna Nowadays we find a lot of advertisements with a social message i.e. These social advertisements operate as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity for corporate.

Indian Social AdvertisementsAdvertisement Many companies are creating ads with a CSR message in order to generate the sense of conscientiousness and trust in the brand while some other are made from the Government’s side. Such advertisements help in establishing an image with a brand and helps common man relate the brand with it.These ads create a huge impact on the mass audiences of India. As Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others have come out as social network leaders; they have created powerful new platforms for advertisements to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Hence such kind of CSR ads help in generating top-of-mind recall for these brands.Hindustan Times commercialThe recent commercial talks about individuals needing to broaden with changing times.

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