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After showing you the best apps to scout for jobs using your smartphone, now it’s time to see the best websites to search on when looking for a job. With one of the smallest cost-per-hire rates in the business, SimplyHired is one hell of a website. With one of the simplest interfaces in our top, LinkUp uncovers hidden jobs from the companies websites.
Glassdoor is a career community that allows you to check and also contribute with information about different companies, beside the normal search for jobs.
With over 85.000 tech jobs available, this is the place to be if you want find a job in the technology industry. As one of the best places online to scout for jobs, Monster features over 1 million job listings. LinkedIn is a social network that allows you to find jobs and for companies to scout for suited members.

A very well known name on the web, CareerBuilder is one of the best websites to look for jobs online.
You can get a quick peek at some of the companies available, and you can also check out for jobs available from a multitude of domains. Due to its user-friendly interface, it’s easy to find the job that you want from the almost 5 million jobs available. You can also take a quick look inside the hiring process throughout interview questions, or you can check the company via photos. Although not the prettiest of the bunch, it certainly offers conclusive results and it represents a great tool for finding jobs in a matter of minutes. It has a massive database of jobs through which you can browse, and you can search quickly based on your domain and location. It has thousands of jobs from many companies and it gives you results based on your location.

They offer thousands of jobs from any field and they represent the best solution for those in need of a job. More, if you already have a job and only want to compare it to other positions available, SimplyHired does it for you. You can also store your favourite jobs in an easily accessible format via the “Job Basket”. It features a more complex interface, but very simple to navigate through and it also lets you see the latest openings, from the last week to the last 24 hours. It comes as a very minimalist website and it shows a multitude of jobs based on your query.

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